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Green Smoothie Recipe

So while I try to maintain a fit lifestyle, one area I really suck at- is getting up and eating breakfast. In high school, I used to get up every morning & eat cereal, but once I got to college, I really struggled to have an appetite or keep food down before 10am. I just didn't feel hungry or when I did eat, I would feel even worse. Coffee was the only thing I had in the morning & by lunch time. I was completely dying & over ate. This method certainly was not helping me or my health. So I had to find a solution....

One thing that always sounded good to me in the morning was a smoothie. I had the assumed thought that smoothies were a lot of work, so I never bothered to make one. Instead, I would stop at Jamba Juice in the morning & over pay for a fruit smoothie that was convenient, but not ideal for the college budget. As always, I started doing some Pinterest searching and found that smoothies really weren't too difficult to do if you gave yourself 5 extra minutes the night before & in the morning!

While I really like all smoothies, I researched what ingredients & kinds of smoothies would be the most beneficial in the morning to get me going! My research led me to green smoothies!

Green Smoothie Benefits:

In addition to being my morning breakfast, green smoothies offer a lot of benefits! Check out what green smoothies can do ---->

  • Offer daily fruit & vegetable intake

  • Help with weight loss naturally- green smoothies are rich in vitamins & nutrients that promote an excellent addition to a health regimen

  • Regulate digestion- green smoothies are filled with fiber, therefore helping to regulate the bodies digestion track (Gut health!)

  • Help with depression- (something I personally struggled with) the folic acid found in greens has been found to help relieve depression

  • Energy boost! -Believe it or not, sometimes coffee just doesn't sound good to me in the morning. However, I do need SOMETHING in the morning to give me that extra boost. Swear on my life, after drinking my green smoothie during my 45min drive to work in Ann Arbor, I get to work and feel like I could conquer the world.

So are you ready to get all these benefits first thing in the morning? If so, follow my recipe below!

Green Smoothie Recipe:

Like all my other recipes, I wanted this one to be super easy as well. Five ingredients is all it takes to make this yummy green concoction!

What You'll Need:

1 Fresh peach

1/2-1 cup of fresh pinapple

1 cup spinach

1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (Coconut water or just water will work as well)

1 scoop of protein power (I use Vega vanilla protein powder which is a plant based vegan protein powder)


The night before, I have my spinach, peach & pineapple all combined in my magic bullet blender cup & keep it in the fridge.

Come morning-I simply wake up & put protein powder & almond milk into the blender cup & blend.

You will know when the smoothie is ready because it will be a bright green color & creamy & smooth!

Keep following the blog for more green smoothie recipes!


Northern Belle


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