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Festive Fireplace For Fall!

Anyone else feel like fall took FOREVER to get here?! Sameeee.

Welp, despite it being 90 degrees & so not feeling like fall this past September ... I refused to let that stop me from getting in the spirit! I poured myself an iced pumpkin spice latte & made fall happen whether mother nature in Michigan wanted to agree with me or not!

Here's how I decorated my fireplace in my one bedroom apartment for fall 🍁💛⬇


I've always wanted a fireplace! Specifically so I could decorate it 😂 Electric ones can get pricey & I really didn't need it to function just to have the fireplace look. So I was super stoked when I found this mantel on the Facebook Market Place for $30! Added a brick background from Lowe's, a grey bottom wood piece & BOOM there's my fireplace! Still cheaper than buying a used electric one & it gets the job done for now!

Pumpkin Spice Sign:

Basic is my first name & I don't care - I LOVE pumpkin spice everything! Last season at Hobby Lobby I scored this "Happy Pumpkin Spice Season" sign 70% off! At the time I didn't know where I would put it, but I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it!

Unfortunately, this sign is no longer available at Hobby Lobby, but here are some others you may like:


Plaid is life. I try to include it in my home whenever and wherever I can as much as possible! Kirkland's was feelin' me on the plaid this year & as a result I had to restrain myself from buying all things plaid 🙍 To my personal dismay, but my bank accounts survival - my husband was with me when I went and I only ended up with the banner 😂


For outdoor decor I buy real pumpkins. For indoors, I buy the fake so I can reuse for years! Target's dollar spot was killing it this year for fall finds! $3 a piece is all my small little pumpkins cost me! The white sweater one in the corner was $9 :)

Scarecrow: $1 at Dollar General

Michigan Galvanized Vase: Finder Keepers Market [ ]

Mini Olive Bucket: Hobby Lobby

Larger Olive Bucket Vase: Michael's

Deer Skull: Hobby Lobby

Rae Dunn Inspired Pumpkin Patch Sign: Mercari (Shopping App) - Might I add☝👉 it's reversible too? Yup. Flip this bad boy around & it says Merry Christmas! #LazyGirlHack

Floral: Wheat, Mums & Cotton stems from Hobby Lobby

Overall- my fireplace MAYBE cost me $50... if that! Holiday decor can be done folks! You just need to be willing to buy out of season or comb all the stores for the deals! Take care & Happy Pumpkin Spice Season! 😘☕


Mrs. Northern Belle

P.S - NOW is the time to be shopping for NEXT YEAR!! Halloween & Fall decor will be going insanely cheap to make room for Christmas decor! Snag it in time for last minute Thanksgiving decor or save it for next year!



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