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Shop My Christmas Card Outfit

Does anyone else get stupid excited about taking pictures for Christmas cards? No? Just me? ... For real though, not only do I love sending my own Christmas cards - I LOVE receiving them! I look forward every year to my fridge being plastered with dozens of cards from friends & family!

For the past two years, we have had Amanda Pike capturing all of our Christmas memories! Not only is her work phenomenal, but she does an amazing job of making us look good while managing rambunctious dogs! [Amanda - I swear we're gonna get better as unit! hahaha!]

Over the years, the buffalo plaid print has become somewhat of our Christmas card uniform. After countless times of wearing the traditional red & black buffalo plaid - this year I wanted to mix it up & do black & white buffalo plaid!

Like everything else on this blog - I like to keep things affordable & on budget! You too can get this affordable outfit for your Christmas cards/Holiday parities coming up -----> Check it out!


So this dress is ACTUALLY a maternity dress... No, I'm not pregnant & I do not plan to be anytime soon....It was a complete accidental purchase. Yes as odd as that sounds - it truly was. You see - I was on my phone late one night in bed searching "Red Dresses" on Amazon when I stumbled across this one I liked & clicked on it to look at the details. Welp, I dosed off & hit the 1- Click button at some point I guess.... It wasn't until I got an email from Amazon saying my order had shipped that I realized I had even bought it! My plan was to return it because again, I'm not pregnant so I have no use for a maternity dress, but after trying it on - it didn't feel or look maternity at all. I said screw it & decided to make it work!

My Plaid Shawl/Poncho:

As mentioned above - our tradition is to feature buffalo plaid in our photos! Typically, I do so with one plaid statement piece. This year, I decided to do the black & white plaid instead of the red & black! Of course I waited till the last minute before our pictures to pick up my piece of plaid for the photos! My plan was to wear a plaid scarf, but I couldn't find one in the correct plaid to save my life! [go figure] There were some on Amazon, but even with 2 day shipping it wasn't going to be here in time [I was cutting it THAT close! lol] I ended up going to Von Maur department store in Ann Arbor & scoring this beautiful shawl on sale by Gameday Couture! The best part? It has a gold M [not visible in pics] on it for Michigan - GO BLUE!


I purchased the chunky statement for $5 from Walmart ages ago, so it's def not there anymore. However, I do recommend Charming Charlie's for holiday jewelry! They have thousands of styles to choose from!

And that's the outfit folks! :)

Just a small disclaimer - I didn't just purchase these clothes for a few Christmas pictures! I'm looking forward to repeating this outfit for a few holiday parties this year & when I do FINALLY decide to have a baby - this dress will come in handy then too ;) I'm all about purchasing for the good of multiples uses!

Keep checking back for more holiday looks that I'll be sharing throughout the season!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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