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Gifts That Give Back

All season I've been sharing various gift guides to help y'all knock out your holiday shopping list! With Christmas literally right around the corner - I want to share my last & most special gift guide ❤🎁

'Gifts That Give Back'

While you can give someone a gift card, clothes or something else random that will lose value & meaning over time - I prefer the gifts that give back. Ones that are purchased from the heart with intention of it going further than to just one person. A gift that holds more than a numeric value, but a story and message behind it ❤

Looking for something like that ⬆ ? Shop the gifts below ⬇

1. The Giving Keys

For an early Christmas gift, my hubby purchased me a key from The Giving Keys that says "Fearless" & I honestly am obsessed with it! Their keys have different words to inspire the wearer to embrace the word! Once you feel someone else needs the message more than you - you pass the key & inspirational word on. The best part?! --> When you purchase a product from the The Giving Keys company - they help to transition a person out of homelessness! So much giving in one gift!

Local Friends & Fam - Too late to make the shipping? The store Alter'd State also carries keys! Located in the Toledo & Ann Arbor Malls!

2. Love Your Melon

See everyone wearing super cute & cozy beanies that say Love Your Melon? Well in addition to being cute - 50% of profits from Love Your Melon gear goes towards helping the fight against pediatric cancer & they donate beanies to cancer patients in need! Who knew a hat could be so powerful?!

Model: Tierney Helgesen // @tierney24

P.S Too late on shipping? These hats are also available at the store called Dry Goods & Von Maur - located in malls

3. Toms - One for One

The message & purpose for Toms is simple - buy a pair of shoes & give a pair of shoes. For each pair bought from the company - Toms will give a pair of shoes to a person in need ❤ Shoes that are cute, comfortable & give back! #oneforone

4. The Humane Society

In lieu of a gift - donate to your local Humane Society or to the Humane Society of the United States on behalf of the person you were going to gift to! Enclose proof of your donation in a cute Christmas card! These furry friends need all the help, materials & funding they can get! They didn't choose to not have a home - but you can choose to help them! Donate directly to the Humane Society or check out these corporate supporters that sell merchandise that benefits back to the Human Society!

5. Spark Bracelets

After losing a loved one to suicide & having the traumatizing experience of witnessing someone commit suicide - this product & company is something I'm very passionate about. Spark bracelets are named after their intended purpose - to spark conversation. Conversation to let those going through 'something' to know they are not alone & they can talk about it. Mental illness is just as important as physical health. In order to get better & understand mental illness - we must be able to talk about it & help those battling, get through it. Purchase one of these beautiful bracelets & spark conversation about mental health ❤

&&&& That's a wrap on the gift guides, y'all! Thank you so much for reading each post & sticking with me throughout the season! I hope you found my posts to be helpful in your search for the perfect gift! Have a Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄🎁


Mrs. Northern Belle



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