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The Definition of "Country".

The definition of country is .....

PSYCH. There isn't a definition to what is or isn't country.

With the announcement of the Faster Horses lineup being announced recently - I wanted to clarify a few things before all the shit talkers begin...

Now not to be confused - when I refer to the definition of country, I'm not referring to a country as in a continent. What I'm referring to is the jack ass hearing a Florida Georgia Line song & says "That ain't real country" as if they're an expert in the field. It's those annoying assholes I'm referring to in this post.

Moving on....

Growing up in a small town my whole life, I kinda detested the idea of being "country". Granted, I knew how to hunt & fish, attended many bonfires in a cornfield & took my rusty old Jeep through a few mud holes, but I didn't really connect to that idea or lifestyle while I was there. No, instead I had bigger dreams of moving to a city & staying there. I moved to a bigger, urban area where I attended a very urban college just the way I had intended. However, once I got there - I slowly started to realize that I was more connected to my small town country lifestyle than I thought. The people, experiences & way of life were what shaped me to be the person I am. Why didn't I want to be proud of that?

All the feels hit me on my first fourth of July away from home - I was sitting on an expensive boat, drinking cocktails over looking the city skyline with fireworks going - the night was perfect. That was until 'Small Town USA' by Justin Moore came on & just like that, I found what was supposed to be my perfect life in my new perfect world close up & I was washed over with major homesickness.

After that night, I found myself reconnecting & reflecting on who I was & where I came from. How that small town & those country folk people made me into the person I am - A woman strong enough to take on the world despite not seeing much of it outside that little town.

I came back home when I could to visit friends & family & when I did come back, I really wanted to do all the old stuff I had done before I left. I wanted to go ice fishing with my Dad. Hop on my snowmobile & hit up a late night winter bonfire. I wanted to ride around doing absolutely nothing but driving dirt roads & listening to the radio with my friends. I really just wanted my old life back because I hadn't appreciated it the first time around when it was right in front of my face.

When I started to change [or I like to say "get back to my roots"] I got a ton of backlash. "Oh, she thinks she's "country" now.", "She ain't even country" - blah, blah what the hell ever. I heard it all & honestly I used to try & defend myself & why I changed, but those people were just closed minded, ignorant assholes.

However, as I've become older & in my opinion more wiser ;) I really get irritated to the core when I hear people call who, what or is country. Who the hell is the expert? What are the real requirements in order be full out "country"? How country are you if you have to be rude enough to insult others for not being your definition of country? Every year, the festival Faster Horses comes to town & I get so pissed at the ignorant statuses posted about how all the "wannabe country people are rolling in with brand new boots". ......


Sure, you might hunt, fish & drink more beer than most. Or you grew up on a farm & did 4-H all growing up. However, if anything - you should be flattered that people find the country lifestyle or clothing cool because for awhile - it really wasn't. Be flattered that there are people out there who want to desperately be like YOU! People who wish they had the upbringing & lifestyle you have! Take it as a damn compliment! And if those concert goers wanna roll up into town & spend their money on new boots at the local boot shop, get breakfast at the Ma & Pa joint & buy a cheap camo hat while grabbing a six pack at the gas station - LET THEM! I'd rather people want to wear cowboy boots & listen to a Luke Bryan song about a jacked up truck than a rap song singing about drugs, money & the exploitation of women.

I could go on about this topic for days because as I said above - it angers me to the core when I see shit like that, but for now I'll sum up this long ass post:

There is no definition of country. And anyone who thinks they're "real country" chances are there's someone else out there who thinks they're even more "country" than you. So quit with the identifying, quit being rude & quit thinking you know it all, because you don't. Country is state of mind & the rest is open for interpretation - whether you like it or not.

//In conclusion..

I'm proud of who I am, where I'm from & most of all - who I've become. I thank God everyday for giving me everything that I thought I wanted only to show me it wasn't what I needed. To anyone out there reading this - be proud of who you are & forget the haters. Haters are just a sign that you're headed in the right direction. 💙

And lastly, to any of those who have talked shit about my transformation back to my roots, this one's for you - You can kiss my country ass. ✌😘


Mrs. Northern Belle


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