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Amazon Swimsuit Review

Has anyone else become even MORE anti-social since getting Amazon Prime? GUILTY. 😅✌🙃

I order my coffee, makeup, snacks, etc. all from Amazon Prime & this year when I needed some swimsuits for vacation - I decided to take a gamble & use my Prime membership for those too.

Granted, I've shopped for swimsuits at Target, Kohls, etc. However, I'm not too interested in wearing the trendy high hip cut one pieces or very cheeky bikinis. I'm not in the shape I once used to be & I'm also married, so modesty is a factor when purchasing my beach wear. Nothing against anyone out there - if you got it flaunt it! I'm just an old, modest broad 👵😅

Anyway - While shopping on Amazon for more things I didn't need, I stumbled across a few different style swimsuits that I LOVED 😍 for a rad price! After reading the positive reviews - I took the gamble! Fortunately for me, my first swimsuit purchase worked out! Since, I've gone crazy buying more swimwear at an affordable cost from Amazon!

Looking to save money this summer? Pocket that money for experiences & save on your summer swimwear - Here are the swimsuits I purchased & all the details 😘


Amazon Swimsuit Review:

As mentioned above, my first Amazon swimsuit purchase was a success & here's that beauty to prove it!

After reading several reviews, I decided to order the large for myself & it fits flawlessly! The top looks effortless & stays on very well & I'm completely obsessed with palm print anything! Only $25.99! 👌🖤

I loved the first swimsuit I purchased so much that I decided to take a gamble & purchase another one from Amazon, but in an entirely different style & color! I love lavender & feel like it's very rarely offered in any form of clothing let alone a swimsuit! For $16 I had to give this a whirl!

After reading reviews - I ordered an XL. The color & fit were right on point 👌💜

Again, I'm obsessed with that palm print 😍🌴 so naturally when I stumbled across this one piece that's cute AF - I had to buy it! For only $20, I'd call this purchase a success 😘

I stuck with a size large on this one!

//All cute right?!?! BUT before you start clicking away to purchase on Amazon, read the personal rules I go by when shopping online -

My Rules When Purchasing On Amazon:

1. ALWAYS read the reviews! If there aren't any reviews or very few, I don't purchase. Some may say I'm missing out, but I don't care. I read the reviews to see real life pictures of the products on other buyers & see what sizes everyone else has purchased. On a lot of the reviews, people often mention their height, weight & the size they purchased & if it worked out or not & how the quality is. I always find the closes review to my size & go off of that.

2. Review the Return Policy! Not all sellers on Amazon allow you to return merchandise. If that's the case then you're out the money unless you can sell it online yourself. Don't get stuck with something that doesn't work out - always read the return policy.

3. When in doubt - size up! If you can't decide which size to get, I always recommend going bigger. You can always take something in, but if your butt doesn't fit in the bottoms - it doesn't fit 😣 Not to mention, sometimes these products are made in China & go off of Asian sizing which is very tiny. As said above - the reviews from other buyers will tell you that or not!

[For size reference: I weigh 160 lbs & I wear a size 10 in jeans, M/L in top & am a 36C in bra size.]

All in all, if you're wanting to save money, still look & are willing to gamble - I recommend giving Amazon a try! I'm super stoked about my purchases & VERY ready for warm weather to wear them in!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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