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Budget Friendly Christmas Activities

While the holiday season is full of joy - that doesn't always mean the wallet or bank account is full! Between the cost of holiday dinners, gifts & heck, even the light bill - It's not hard for one to get strapped financially during the Holiday season making it difficult to participate in any holiday fun! However, I'm here to tell you that you can do both!! When my husband & first got an apartment together, money was VERY tight, but we refused to let it stop us! Here's some Christmas activity ideas for those on a budget!-

1.) Attend a local theater production!

Can't make it to NYC to see The Radio City Rockettes live? Me either. So instead, I attend the productions hosted at my local communities theater! Not only is it a great way to support your local arts program, but it's a night out that isn't super expensive! Most local theaters charge anywhere from $5-$15 a ticket making it affordable for most!

We personally attend The Nut Cracker at the Tecumseh theater! Prior to going to the theater though, we treat ourselves to a small appetizer & cocktail at the fancy, but delicious Evans Street - because we could never afford a full meal there sooooooo.. 😅🤷‍♀️ And we dress up just a little for our own guilty pleasure of wanting to feel fancy ☺

2.) Pizza & Christmas lights!

My hubby & I used to pay to go to the lights at the zoo & all that, but even for just us two - It can be pricey! Instead, we go cheap by slippin' on our jammies, grabbin' a two liter of pop & ordering a cheap pizza & driving around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights! Of course this mission is not complete without Christmas music on the radio & cookies! It's a simple, cheap way for us to get in the spirit & appreciate all our neighbors hard work on their light displays!

3.) Bundle up & walk around downtown!

Once it gets dark, bundle up & link arms with your loved one(s) & take a winter stroll in your local downtown! Not only is it beautiful, but it's so peaceful & magical taking in all the small shops, Christmas lights & if you're lucky - snow ❄


Now to some these activities may seem pretty basic or common sense, but I always thought you had to do grand expensive things in order for it to matter & obviously that's far from true! Sometimes just the simplest & smallest things can be oh so grand! My hope is that no matter what your budget is this holiday season - you make it a grand one because you & everyone deserves a grand Christmas!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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