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9 Months Alcohol Free

Welp - I am happy to report that it has been exactly 9 months since consuming my last drop of alcohol & as promised in my previous post - My Breakup With Alcohol - I'm here to check in. I was supposed to do this at 6 months, but better late than never! If you haven't already read that post though - I recommend starting there first to see what brought me to this decision. For those who have already been following along on my journey of being alcohol free - this 9 month check in came up on me fast I won't lie! I had my doubts that I'd cave like I had before, but 9 months without alcohol has never felt better!

Things I've Noticed -

First thing - I have noticed is my skin is a lot clearer & the puffiness in my face had reduced. Of course some of that is attributed to diet and exercise.

Second thing I've noticed is that I've lost interest in activities & places centered around drinking. Restaurants, certain events & even certain vacation destinations I've lost interest in them because I don't drink & I don't care to engage. I don't have a problem with those who choose to drink, but it's just not entertaining for me and my patience around that setting just isn't there.

Thirdly, my time is more occupied with things that truly benefit me. Instead of pouring a glass of wine after work & letting it all go downhill from there - I'm going to yoga or for walks in my neighborhood. I'm reading books, cleaning my house & decluttering, gardening and taking time to enjoy things that give back to me.

Have I craved it?

I will be honest - As soon as the warm weather hit I was dearly CRAVING a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, but I held strong. I know it's the romance of alcohol that I miss & I simply pour myself sparkling lemonade in a fancy wine glass & I feel at ease.

As alcohol has slowly dissolved it's way out of my life - I no longer think about it like I once used to. It doesn't bother me ordering just water when out, I'm not bothered by anyone drinking around me (unless they pester me to drink too) & it's a part of my life I truly have no desire at this point to go back to. To anyone considering giving up alcohol - for whatever your reason may be - let this be your sign. I challenge you to seek a world outside the social norm. A world where you don't use alcohol to escape. Instead, you figure out why it is that you feel the need to escape. There is more to life than alcohol & I'm happy to be learning that.

I plan to be back at the end of the year to celebrate a year sober! Talk to ya then!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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