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A Cozy Fall Weekend in Asheville, NC

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

So if you haven't noticed with all my social media posts - we went to North Carolina a lot in 2021!😅 But towards November as an early birthday trip for me - we decided to trade the beach side of NC for the mountains & fall colors! I had heard many great things about Asheville and of course the impressive Biltmore Estate was a huge driving force in our decision to go. So a quick click to book a cozy cabin on & a 9 hour car ride & we found ourselves there! Our trip was a long weekend from Thursday till Sunday. We went right during the peak fall color time in the 2nd week of November. It was also first weekend they had the Candlelight Christmas Tour at Biltmore! We couldn't have went at a better time!

Where we stayed:

As mentioned above - I booked our cabin using . It's my go to travel site for all my vacations (I am not sponsored by them) & the reason why is because there are a lot of different options & many that don't require prepayment up front which for myself is helpful. I like to book in advance to get the better rates, but because things change, I want the option to cancel if needed. It's also a great way to lock in a good price while it's available and before it gets closer to busier season. We simply book and pay once we arrive! I've used this website for NC, Chicago, Florida, etc.

The place we stayed this time is called the Pines Cottages & we stayed in Cabin 1. They have several cozy little cabins available with full kitchens, bathrooms & available in different sizes to accommodate your party size. Upon arrival, I was so beyond smitten with how cute & cozy it was that I didn't want to leave! The price was really reasonable, the staff was more than accommodating, everything was very clean & I would recommend this affordable option over a hotel any day! It made the perfect romantic getaway! And we loved this place so much that - we already booked our trip for this fall! Same time, same place! Can't recommend this place enough!

What We Did:

So as we have traveled more and more - I find I like a nice balance of having some activities on an agenda & some of our time open & kinda go with the flow. Aside from Biltmore - I really didn't have much a of plan other than site seeing, checking out the downtown area & just enjoying a cozy weekend in the mountains. A few things we did -

- Christmas Candlelight Tour at Biltmore Estate

I booked our tickets several months in advance for this because I was told they can sell out pretty early before the season hits. I will admit though - the tickets are pretty pricey though! It was a little over $200 by the time all was said & done.

Our tour was Friday evening at 8:30PM. Upon arrival, you go to designated parking where you board a trolley to take you up to the estate. We did arrive early so we could explore the gift shops & have a drink before touring the home. The shops were incredible & there were outdoors heaters, patio seating, food and all kinds of things to enjoy before & after the tour. There's a lot of freedom to explore the grounds as well. One thing super nice with the candlelight tour tickets is that you can come to the estate in the evening & then again the next day during the day to visit the garden & grounds. Your ticket also includes admission to the Antler Village which also has shops, restaurants & wine tastings. The tickets includes a few free tastings as well.

Overall Biltmore was most certainly worth it and extremely interesting! The home tour had a lot of freedom as it's an audio guided tour so they give you a device & you listen & tour at your own pace! The facility & staff are extremely organized as well. I would love to go back again during the springtime!

- Scenic Drive on Blue Ridge Parkway

One thing I didn't really plan, but had an idea of doing was some scenic driving & stopping when we felt like it. We drove for almost four hours up the Blue Ridge Parkway up the mountains stopping at the scenic lookouts & hit an easy hiking trail that had an amazing overlook of the mountains for miles! I highly recommend to get the full experience & with all the fall colors is was breathtaking! Someday we would love to rent a convertible of some kind & really take it all in! Next time I think we'll pack a picnic as well!

- Downtown Asheville

We did a little stomping around of downtown Asheville, but to be honest I really wasn't in the mood much to shop or walk around too hardcore. I more so was there for fresh air & to relax. They had some big brand names stores, but a lot of smaller boutiques, bakeries & restaurants that I'd like to explore more of next time!

Things I'd like to do next time: Explore more downtown, find some good antique places & go find Black Mountain College Museum!

Where We Ate:

I'll be very honest - we struggled finding go places to eat when we were there. Now please know - I'm not a picky person at all. I usually like anything so it's rare if I don't! I won't mention names of the places we didn't like because I by no means want my experience to have an impact on the businesses, but I'll share what we didn't like & what we did like!

What We Didn't Like:

The first stop we went to was a well known brewery to the area, but for once in my life I didn't finish a flight of beer because they tasted so awful - like soap to be very honest & the food was just overpriced bar food with nothing extra about it. I'm generally a fan of breweries, but this was the first one I didn't like. We also went to a well known sandwich shop & that was very overpriced & mediocre as well. When traveling I try to stay as local as possible, do my research on popular/highly rated favorites, but these two weren't successful sadly.

What We Did Like:

We had yummy pizza from Manicomio Pizza & it was the perfect way to end the day at our little cabin! Of course we love us a good southern Waffle House too! One of my favorites though was the French Broad thanks to my friend, Olivia who recommended it! Prosecco, chocolate crème Brule & a chocolate truffle latte - my heart & fat pants were exploding! The prices I didn't think were unreasonable either!

Overall Asheville, NC was a wonderful trip & I am so glad we decided to take one last getaway for the year of 2021! I'm excited to return back & will share more on our next trip! And if you've been to Asheville, NC before & have travel suggestions - please by all means share! I'd love to hear them!


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Mar 31, 2022

That cabin looks so cute thanks for sharing North Carolina is on my bucket list!

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