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A Weekend In Daytona ✈️☀️🌊

In effort to escape the crappy Michigan weather & to aide my seasonal depression - I booked a quick weekend trip to Daytona, Florida to see my old man! (⬅️aka my Dad)

I left for Daytona at 6:20pm on Friday night & went back to Michigan on Sunday afternoon at 4pm! Nothin‘ crazy just a quick in & out trip that didn’t require PTO time or much expense! And because my Dad has a place in Daytona, I was able to save on expense there too. All I had planned was reading, lounging around & soaking up the weather!

Saturday was rainy & a bit cold for Florida, but we didn’t waste the day! My Dad & I had coffee, drove around a little bit sight seeing, got breakfast at the Cracked Egg, hit up the local flea market, got tacos & had a chill night in!

The beach is still beautiful on a rainy & cloudy day!

Is this not the prettiest post office you've ever seen?! Spotted in downtown Daytona!

In Michigan we really only have one kind of orange to buy so it was fun to try different kinds!

These lights were completely mesmerizing! If I wasn't traveling by plane I would have bought one!

My favorite local taco spot in Daytona! Cheap & oh so good!!

Sunday the weather was much better (of course the day I’m supposed to leave 🙄) so I got up early grabbed the keys to his truck hit up Starbucks for a iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso & hit Daytona Beach for a nice long walk! It was still chilly, but the ocean air and bright sun felt literally incredible & I ended up spending hours down at the beach just taking it all in! Then I hit up the boardwalk area for a little shopping & headed back to get the old man! We decided to grab a burger at Wayback Burger which is super yummy! Afterwards we went back to my Dad's placed & just walked around the neighbor hood taking in the last bit of sunshine before I boarded the plane home!

First pic at the beach & you can tell by my face I was clearly feeling this moment!

My favorite shop in Daytona is Maui Nix! Lots of great brands!

Last walk in the sunshine! I flew back to snow!

The trip was quick, but it was SO nice to getaway & even though it was last minute & money I didn't NEED to spend - it was good for my soul. So to anyone reading this & debating making that last minute trip - this is your sign. Book the ticket. Escape. Even if it's just for a few days. A change of scenery can equal a change of heart & sometimes we just need that reset.


Mrs. Northern Belle

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