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Bathroom Shiplap Reveal

If you follow me on Facebook & Instagram - then you'll know we started the process of shiplapping our bathroom & I shared the big plans we have in the future that we would like to do! (If you missed this - check out my highlight on Insta - Bathroom Reno) When we originally started this project - we didn't anticipate for it so to take so long, but life got busy! 🥵 I haven't been in the best health, my husband comes home from work tired & welp, life just happens! I apologize for keeping you all waiting so long, but nonetheless - I'm excited to share with you the finished changes we've made! First - let’s take a trip down memory lane of our tiny bath for the last 3 years-

Here’s a BEFORE picture from when we first moved in:

Vanity was gross with plumbing all weird in it - literally one drawer functioned. The floor had horrible rust too!

And here’s a picture of it AFTER new flooring, new vanity & some decor -

The changes we made definitely helped, but the white faux paneling was gross & starting yellow!

And NOW:

The grey shiplap definitely makes it feel more clean & updated!

For those that don't know - our little home only has one tiny bathroom! Thankfully it is a full bath, but still extremely small! When we moved in, it was definitely a sore spot of the house that required immediate fixing. We did the best we could considering time & budget - we changed the flooring, installed a new light fixture and got a new bathroom vanity. After two years of living in our home though, I loved the updated changes we made, but the bathroom still had a white/yellowing tile wall paneling that was just getting more and more gross. So finally on a random Sunday - I announced to my husband that we were going to shiplap it & we went to the store that morning to buy supplies. He was thrilled 😅😅😅😅

We went to Ace Hardware to get paint & I opted to go against the traditional white shiplap & decided to paint ours grey! After seeing the white paneling yellow over time - I was nervous that might happen to white shiplap. I chose the color, Sunday Stroll by the Magnolia Home paint collection. We bought underlayment board from Lowe's & using a table saw we scored on Facebook market place for only $20 - we cut the pieces of shiplap & used a nail gun to nail it over the old tile paneling.

This project took so long not just because of life circumstances, but our tiny bathroom isn't the easiest to add shiplap to. It has a variation of wall sizes therefore requiring complex cutting for the shiplap. Then my husband finished the shiplap & I realized he spaced it too far apart when he should of used a nickle for a spacer whereas he was using a piece of wood. He wasn't pleased that he had to redo it 😬, but no sense doing this project if it's not going to be right. So he placed it closer together on the wall, painted & we had our bathroom back in order! FINALLY! 🙌🏼

//Decor Details

And of course with doing any remodel - you gotta add decor 😍 I got this old trim piece from @vinewoodvintage & added some farmhouse hooks to make the perfect chippy, farmhouse towel rack! We also added a new mirror & changed out the bathroom hardware to black. I really feel the black bathroom accessories enhance the grey shiplap! You can shop many of the items featured below! 😊

7. Bathroom Accessories Kit (Not Pictured)

//So what's next for this space?

Since the weather is getting warmer - this space is going to be put on the back burner for now. Eventually, the plan is to do a claw foot tub & shower combo & a vintage vanity with a vessel bowl sink! Our shower seriously needs replacing, but it's not top on the priority list so in time that will happen. As for the vanity sink, this vanity is from Lowe's & while it's okay, it definitely isn't as hardy as I wanted it to be. The barn door comes off the track frequently, the white doesn't clean well & I'm just ready for a different, more unique look! I'm very excited for the changes to come, but still VERY happy so far with the changes we made. It's incredible just the immediate difference the shiplap has made!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our teeny, tiny bathroom! And thank you for being so patient on the reveal - I'm hoping our next projects coming up don't take that long! 😅 The fixer upper life isn't always a fast process! 😅😅😅

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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