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Cozy Chunky Sweater Pillows

Fact - A cozy bedroom is essential to have. 🖤✨ Not a want, but a need!  Whether your bedroom is a grand master bedroom, an apartment bedroom, a dorm room - wherever your sleep - make it C O Z Y! Having a cozy place where you can go to detox & lay your head at the end a long hard day is so important! Plus cozy textures from pillows, soft blankets & personal decor are the cherry on top! 😌

I myself have spent the last year trying to enhance the cozy in our home! In my quest for all things cozy - one of my favorite budget friendly finds so far has been these chunky sweater knit pillows 🖤✨😌☕️ The yummy, chunky sweater is so defined & just makes you wanna cozy up for a nap! Every time I post this space, my inbox gets flooded so I figured I’d share! So believe it or not these are pillow covers & are only $11! Here’s how you could use these in few different ways -

1. cover your old pillows with these covers to refresh your space

2. Buy down pillows inserts on Amazon for a big fluffy pillow (<— what I did)

3. Hobby Lobby has pillow inserts $20 & under or pillow stuffing for only $2.99 a bag!

Pro Tip - The price on these pillow covers may very depending on the week you go, wait till they go 50% off. If you go and they are sold out when they are 50% off, ask the front register to rain check the item for you at that price and they will order more and when the item comes in they will honor the price for you!

Hope this post gave you some budget friendly inspo to enhance the cozy in your home too! Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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