• Alicia Winzeler

Cozy Fall Mantle ✨🤍🌿🕯

As my decor style evolves more & more - I’m constantly looking for new ways to decorate in a way that is simple, budget friend & allows me to enhance the things I already do have! ✨💵🙌🏼 Pinterest is a huge life line for me when it comes to inpso - as I’m sure it is for others too! I reach weird funk modes where I have not creative ideas & need to see other creative ideas to get me out of that mode. So it’s no surprise that when I took to Pinterest for some fall mantle inspo - I would find the creative idea I needed from my favorite blogger, Liz Marie Galvan! While my mantle isn’t exactly to the incredible magnitude she created - her idea of just generous greens & pumpkins was the simple yet very achievable look I was craving!

You can visit her HERE for the details on her mantle, but for mine - I simply found stems of weeping willow from Hobby Lobby & lined them up together to create this draped leafy look! Then I found a large stick wreath & caked it with the willow stems! The pumpkins I bought last year from Walmart (Still available in local stores!) for only $6 each! I couldn’t be happier with how easy this look came together! 😊

Friendly reminder - When it comes to decorating for new seasons - don’t overthink it & don’t overbuy decor! Focus on finding ways to use the things you already have & just simply add only a few new pieces to enhance your decor! Thanks again, Liz for the much needed inspo!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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