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Decorative & Functional Peg Rail

It's no secret & I know I'm not the only one, but a lot of my home decor inspo comes from some very seriously talented souls that I follow on social media! 🖤 Many trash social media and while it can have it's negative impacts - it's also my go to source to get creative inspo. So when I was scrolling through my feed & saw posts from Holly (@rusticwildarrow) & Liz Marie (@lizmariegalvan) styling peg rails in their homes - I couldn't resist incorporating one of these in my own home! 🖤

I decided to add ours in our kitchen by our farmhouse pantry cupboard. It's helpful to have the things we use frequently every day so close and accessible. And while it looks decorative, it serves a functional purpose - a huge rule of mine when it comes to incorporating anything into our home.

I was fortunate to find my peg rail for only $2 at Goodwill & I painted it in one of my favorite neutral colors - Putty - by Fusion Mineral to have it pop against the white shiplap! I then purchased Velcro strips by Command Strip to put on the back so I didn't have to nail the peg rail into the wall. The reason being is I'm not sure if I'm going to leave this piece here forever so I didn't want to damage the shiplap if I change my mind! The peg rail & items on it are not very heavy & the strips hold 16 lbs.

Along with the peg rail, majority of the items featured were thrifted 🙂🖤 my gingham linen monogram towels were a .99 cent score! The watering can too! The dust pan is from Hobby Lobby & the landscape picture was an antique find! A lot of the stuff I already had - I just shopped my home to piece them together! Gotta love it when you don't have to spend! 🏡🛍

My peg rail isn't exactly the beautiful work like the ladies who inspired me, but nonetheless, I'm grateful for the idea & love how it turned out in my own home! And you cannot deny home decor that is also super functional & affordable 😉❤️ XOXOXO

Mrs. Northern Belle


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