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February Reading List

As mentioned before in my previous blog post - my goal for 2022 is to read more! I'm still a little behind on last months reading list, but hoping to get up to speed this weekend so I can start my new books on time! Sharing my February reading list for those interested!

All the books featured on this list can be purchased [ HERE ]

//Because I said I would - This one was a recommended by my boss so I borrowed it to read as on of my personal development reads for the month. Excited to tackle it and get some motivation for my professional and personal life!

//Clarity & Connection - I LOVE Yung Pueblo's work so I was excited to start another one of his works!

//Mexican Gothic - My heritage is Hispanic/Mexican, but I'll be honest I don't ever feel in touch with half of my ethnicity (I wish all the time I was French), but reading the back of this book got me in the feels lol!

//Becoming Marie Antoinette - As mentioned above - I wish all the time I was French! I'm obsessed with Marie Antoinette & the title immediately caught my eye!

//Quit Like A Woman - More on this subject to come*, but I've recently decided to break up with alcohol. Hoping this book will continue to motivate that decision for me.

*Stay tuned for a very honest blog post coming

Also not pictured, but something I'm also going to try to squeeze in is my blind date book!! So on TikTok I saw a lot of Etsy shops were doing a fun thing where you choose the genre of book you're interested in and they send you a surprise book! I thought it was something fun and different! Plus spares me from making the decision! I linked the shop I purchased from as well above! I wanted a romance novel & got the book 'Northern Lights' by Nora Roberts

I will be honest - my goal originally was to read one book a week, but with work, personal chores, working out & all things in between - I admit it's more of a challenge than I expected! I still have some of my reads from last month to finish up one, but I still wanted to share this list for anyone else looking for some good reads!!


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