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The Garden Diaries: Entry #2

It's been awhile since I've updated you guys on the garden progress so I decided to share a few things that have been happening in this little slice of heaven of mine!! ⬇️


So my big vision has mostly come to life & it literally makes my heart swell with pride! 🥰 It's crazy to think this all was just a sketch 6 months ago & now it actually exists! Especially considering the health battles I had - I truly didn’t think it was going to happen! Well it did & I couldn't be happier!! We added two garden beds - one was supposed to be for cutting flowers, but due to me getting sick this past spring - we decided to only plant a few flowers & leave the rest for pumpkins & watermelons. Maybe next year after I do some research & reading will I do a cutting garden! 

Morning coffee in the garden is simply divine!

So what's growing in the garden?!  As for produce - we added 5 tomato plants, chile peppers, sweet banana peppers, parsely, basil, thyme, cilantro, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumber, romaine lettuce, mixed lettuce, carrots, green peppers & jalapenos. It's a full house to say the least! We were late planting & I was fearful things wouldn't grow, but I was completely wrong! The produce is doing well - the flowers - ehhh not so much! 😫😫😫 Again, maybe next year I'll give it a try! 😬🥵

Zucchini & squash take over!

Fresh lettuce 🥬

Sweet banana peppers comin’ in ☺️

The only flowers I was successful at - zinnias

Andddd my failed daisies 🥵🤦🏻‍♀️

Greenhouse status - 

The greenhouse - is almost done - minus the roof! - Budget & time have been an issue, but we hope to get it on here soon! If you're just jumping in - my hubby built me a greenhouse using old vintage windows! Some we purchased & others we found for free on the side of the road or on Facebook marketplace. I also found some free brick pavers on Facebook marketplace that we plan to lay down as flooring in the greenhouse! Can't beat free!!! 😜👏🏼

Still need a roof & flooring, but coming along!!

What else is new?

A lot of pieces have been added to enhance the french country feel in the garden that I'm trying to achieve! 👒 I found this vintage, wrought iron trellis on Facebook marketplace for $40, stone planters for $20, a chippy bench for $10 & some chippy architecture porch pieces for free! We added a stone bird bath in the center & some landscaping to really make it grand! And some pea gravel & paver stepping stones! 

These flowers here don’t like me either 🙄😥

A bird bath sits in the center of the garden 👒

Next years plan is a gate & a plant to climb this beaut! //p.s - I have some plans for that back corner too!

That’s the update for now!! We have a long way to go & a lot of work still, but we’ve gotten decently far considering some unexpected set backs! Plus we’re trying to do this as budget friendly as possible! I love getting home from work & coming out to visit this sweet little space! I’m even more excited for fresh, homegrown veggies!! The decision to continue with a garden despite my health set backs was a hard one - but I’m so glad we did because look how far it’s come!! 😍 Can't wait to share more with y'all soon!!

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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