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January Reading List

So one of my goals for 2022 is to try & read more! I really would like to read one book a week actually! The plan is to alternate each week with a fictional book & a personal development book. So since I'm getting back into reading - I figured why not share what I'm reading with all of you in case you're interested in reading them too!!

All the books featured on this list can be purchased [ HERE! ]

//The Wish - If you haven't noticed - Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author! I've read his books since I was a teen & so I had to read his newest one! I already finished this one and absolutely loved it! Prepare to cry!

//Homebody - So this one just has small quotes/poems & I love to read 3-4 in the morning & 3-4 at night. It helps me for journaling in the morning & to give me some calming peace of mind at the end of the night.

//Calm the %*@# down - Currently reading & really love the writing style! If you're a person who likes to cuss - this book is for you! 😁 The author really communicates in a way that's down to earth which is refreshing because it's such a heavy subject in the book.

//Grow Your Money - A big goal of mine in 2022 is to get smarter & more savvy with my money. I haven't read this yet, but I'm excited to!

//13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do - as a person with bipolar disorder - anything I can read to mentally train and condition my mind helps. I haven't read this one yet, but looking forward to it!

//The Guardian - I read this one a REALLY long time ago & barley remember what it's about anymore so I'm actually rereading it. My husband is also reading this one currently & I wanna read it too so we can have our own mini book club. Plus as mentioned ^ love me some Nicholas Sparks 😅

I'm excited to continue to share my monthly reading list with you guys! And of course I'm also open to suggestions! So if you have any good reads you recommend - send them my way!!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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