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My 2022 New Year's Goals 🥂

So here goes another cliché post regarding new years goals & yet another person thinking that at the stroke of midnight there is some magical change that is going to occur. Well if you're over hearing about New Year's goals then def exit out of this blog post. However, for those interested - I'll continue! 😘 ....

First, I want to clarify ^ that I by no means think that because of a digit change in the year that my life will dramatically change. What I do know is that a repeat of the events that occurred in my life last year are 100% not an option. I am fully aware of my contributions & also the lack of contribution in my life that caused things to occur in the past year. While this past year had some incredible blessings - a promotion at work, lots of traveling & a few more ups - there were also many downs. Mentally this may have been one my worst years for depression. Since entering my late 20's, I've become acutely aware of where I want to be in life & where I don't want to be. But with that reflection I also have looked back on areas in my life where I failed myself, where I allowed others to fail me & where I simply didn't challenge myself enough. That reflection put me in a massive state of depression. Depression combined with marital issues that nearly dissolved my marriage & also some financial challenges - you could say that I was more than ready to see 2021 go. Which is why I already started planning to succeed mid December before even the New Year happened. "Failure to plan is planning to fail." - my new mantra.

Here's a list of my goals for 2022 - You all can hold me to them! In fact - I hope you do!

- Lose 50lbs

It's ambitious, but since meeting my husband & gaining my love weight combined with ongoing health issues & a desk job with low physical activity - my weight has gotten out of control. I'm over it. I'm over hating pictures of myself. I'm over feeling like shit. I'm over not being able to always find stuff in my size - aka an XL. And I'm especially over putting my emotions into eating & drinking instead of addressing them in a manner that is healthy. I still plan to indulge myself once in awhile, but since making a big lifestyle change - I find myself already not craving crappy food or alcohol. I've been working out 5-6 days a week doing yoga classes & cycling at home. We are also making a home gym in our basement with a rowing machine & more! I plan to share monthly check in's on my lifestyle change journey!

- Clean up my finances

If I'm not eating or drinking to deal with stress or emotions then I'm shopping & buying more crap I don't need causing more clutter in my house. It's a domino effect causing financial set backs, clutter, anxiety from the clutter & it's things I truly don't need that will go in donation this time next year. So to resist buying temptations - I've block/unfollowed shopping ads on my social media channels & am extremely limiting myself on purchasing anything unless it promotes wellness mentally, physically or organization. Of course general necessity's will happen, but the extra cute coffee mug from Target when I already have 50+ coffee mugs is being eliminated. Lastly, if I want to buy something - I'm making myself wait 24 hours before purchasing it to avoid impulse purchases.

I also am cracking down on putting more money in my savings & educating myself more on finances. I'll be honest - I was the girl who just talked during senior finance & never paid attention. Now I'm forcing myself to re-educate myself on finances & I've invested in a few books to help get me in the right direction of managing my finances better & hopefully eventually investing.

- Reading

Speaking of books ^ I am also forcing myself to read one book a week all year. I used to be such a book nerd then college happened & any type of leisurely reading felt sinful considering the amount of assignment reading I should of been doing. Well then social media blew up & that occupied my attention over a book. Now my plan is to alternate each week with a fiction & non-fiction read to allow myself the escape, but also to continue to educate myself. I'm also setting myself a schedule to read at least an hour if not more before bed instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media for hours after staring my eyes into a computer screen for 8 hours. And I plan to spend my 30 min lunch at work reading in my car to allow myself a mental escape mid-day. I'll be sharing my monthly reading list here on the blog as well! :)

- Developing better habits

I'll be honest - I've lived in the mid-west my entire life & I've got to say the weather here really contributes to my mental health issues & lack of willingness to make any effort. It's grey, cold, dreary & just not pleasant from Nov till early May. I feel like my life is a never ending cycle - I get up & go to work when it's dark, work, come home when it's dark, eat dinner, watch tv, lay in bed on my phone & pass out. There's no sun light, the weather makes it difficult to go for a walk for fresh air & even if you do you're just walking around a crummy subdivision nothing scenic whatsoever. But while I can't change where I'm living at the present moment - I'm forcing myself to at least develop the best habits I can to make it the best I can. Those better habits including getting up earlier to slowly drink coffee not chug it, taking time to meditate, journaling, reviewing my daily agenda to plan for the day, laying my clothes out the day before, meal prepping, doing my entire skin care routine & basically just getting my shit together.

- Learning new hobbies

As mentioned - I love to eat, drink & shop - not very soulful activities I'm aware. Instead of doing things that only make me gain weight & spend money - I've decided to learn how to paint - even if it's with a paint by numbers kit. It's something that keeps me off of Amazon. I'm also looking into taking piano lessons - something I've always wanted to learn how to do. And lastly - I'm really throwing myself into learning more about gardening & getting my garden planned out for a successful season. These new hobbies will def require time & a lot of ambition, but I'm ready for the challenge!

As you can see ^ - I've got a very busy & ambitious year ahead of me! I wish I could crack open my soul & mind to show you all how ready I am for these permanent changes & for this growth, but I guess the only way to show that is in time. 2022 will be my year because it has to be & I will stop at nothing to make sure it happens for me. Stay tuned 💙


Mrs. Northern Belle


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