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My goal of getting rid of one grocery bag full of stuff a week

One of my goals this year in 2023 is to greatly declutter! As a person that is a huge maximalist over being a minimalist - this ain't an easy concept by nature! What can I say? I love things! I love clothes, home décor and all things in between! I find these things as a way to express who you are and I love being surrounded by things I love! However, overtime those things have formulated into a lot clutter causing me to feel overwhelmed & anxious. So in effort to eliminate those feelings - I've decided to make it my mission that once a week I will fill an entire grocery bag full of things that I no longer need or that no longer serve me. I figure that 52 bags of things out of my house should do some good work on decluttering - what do you think??

My plan is to simply donate the things I no longer need in hopes someone else may benefit from them. I'm hoping overtime this will allow us to have a space that welcomes less chaos, less mental distress, saved money and opens up room for clarity & the ability to thrive in a more simplistic environment. I want to feel encouraged to find joy in the things we already have or make better use of our time by taking up better hobbies and new experiences. I want to read more, take up painting, learn to read music, workout, be off my phone less - hell maybe even learn to speak a different language finally.

Now to be transparent - that doesn't mean I'll stop shopping completely. I've tried to do the cold turkey method before and when I finally allowed myself to start spending again it was worse than ever before. However, to eliminate the extra spending and excess clutter coming into our home - I find myself asking questions before I make a purchase.. Do I already have something like this? Do I NEED it? Of what benefit will this bring to my home? Will it help organize a space? Will it be an everyday use? Will I still like it a year from now? Am I only buying it because it's trending on the internet? Is it seasonal? How many uses can I truly get out of it?

I found a quote on the internet last year that has been on my vision board for 2022 & I've read it almost everyday & it's helped me to keep my head on straight for the most part when it comes to buying. The quote is -

"Look around. All that clutter used to be money. All that money used to be time."

It's simply a quote that I found on Pinterest so I can't credit the person, but it's disgusting when you really think about it. To think all the time, money and mental stress linked back to clutter. No more. So you as my readers can hold me accountable - 1 bag a week I'm committing myself to. Follow my Insta: @mrsnorthernbellle to follow me weekly as I declutter each room in our home!

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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