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NB Mercantile Update

Over the last few months I've had a lot of questions roll into my message box regarding the NB Mercantile! I decided to answer them all for you here ! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

//When is the next market?

So I've had a lot of questions about when I plan to reopen my little shop & at this time I do not have any market dates set. I have a good amount of furniture, but with my recent health set backs, I haven't felt well enough to tackle refurbishing furniture. I'm hoping in the months ahead & as my condition gets better I'll feel up to it! For now - I am selling pieces on Facebook marketplace for pick up at my home! If you're local & looking for decor or furniture - feel free to message me! I'm sure I've got something that may interest you!

//What will I do with the she shed in the meantime?

As of right now the NB Mercantile she shed acts as a storage spot for all my furniture & decor pieces for future markets. However, as I'm liquidating pieces, I am turning it into a shabby chic babe cave / studio for the time being! (<--- Sharing more of that eventually!) A place I can go hangout to get time to myself & a spot to work on painting furniture pieces! Eventually it will be back to being my market showroom though!

The hubby & I would like to also use this time to get the inside insulated! We plan to up dry wall & put up some wall paneling before the fall/winter hits so it retains heat better come the colder months!

//Interested in items for sale?

As mentioned above, I will be selling on Facebook marketplace, but I will also post pieces for sale on @thenorthernbellemercantile Instagram page as well! Make sure you're following if you're local so you don't miss out on some awesome pieces!


I'm still very excited for the future of the Northern Belle Mercantile & it is most definitely something I plan to continue on with! My heart loves interior design & decor too much to give it up no matter how difficult my health makes it! Hopefully with the rise of things opening up I'll have more of an opportunity to go pickin' to fill up for future markets! Until then - keep checking back for market updates & never hesitate to reach out to me!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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