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Nursery Reveal 💙🌊🦪🫶👶🏻🌾

I can't believe it's finally that time - but our nursery is finally complete! It's been sorta done for awhile, but as we've been collecting things for baby - it became a bit of a storage room until we finally got our act together and got everything put away! I've already shared this space on social media - but wanted to share my design thought process when it came to this space coming together!

Shop featured items in our nursery by clicking - HERE!

We bought our house in October of 2023 and because it was a new build - we were able to customize some things like paint, lighting, flooring etc. This space originally was planned to be my office & I had decided on the paint color because I really wanted some color, but something that could be neutral and coastal for my future office design. Welp, right before I was going to buy office furniture and decor - we found out I was pregnant! Lol I guess somethings get delayed for a reason! 😅 We live in a 3 bedroom home so we wanted to reserve the other room for a guest room since we already had that set up with a bed, decorated etc. so that meant consolidating my office to that guest room & that this space would become the nursery!

Paint Color: Mint Chocolate Chip by Benjamin Moore / Framed photos by Saltwater Collection

Of course my love for interior design really kicked in when I found out I was pregnant & I immediately began playing around with nursery design ideas for both genders! Can't ever be too prepared yanno! 😅 Since we just had the house painted - I really didn't want to repaint the room for either gender so my design concept for both genders worked around the paint color of the room. Of course once we confirmed we were having a boy - I was able to put my design plan into action! I knew I wanted something coastal, but not anything that was overly cheesy & something that flowed with the rest of the interior of our home for consistency. Plus something for him to grow into as he gets older! This isn't our forever home, but it's our for awhile home & I really don't want to have to touch this room again. I wanted to leave the paint, but really really wanted to play around with wallpaper for a statement wall! I was EXTREMELY fortunate to find this green striped wallpaper that is nearly an identical match to our paint color! On the website it said the wallpaper color was teal, but the picture seemed super close to our green - so I took the gamble and ordered it and turns out it was spot on!

Framed photos featured are by Saltwater Collection <--- Click for link!

I love this mobile because of the seagulls, but also because the lighthouse is grey and reminds me of the Oak Island lighthouse here in our town at the beach he'll grow up on!

I've built him quite the book collection 😅 - Momma really wants another reader in the family! But I made sure to include books that flowed well with the theme of the room! Once he gets older, I really want to make this spot fun and change out the books for the holidays and seasons to keep it fun and exciting for the little guy!

Shoutout to Grandma Gonzalez for the nursery rocker!

During my design process - I truly learned that it's the simple elements that really bring a space together! Small touches go along way like this monogram tissue box cover, rattan basket lighting, etc. Again the challenge here was to give a coastal theme without being too overly themed!

Is an oyster chandelier extravagant for a childs room? Aboso-frickin-lutely! But do I care? Nope! 😅 I think we can all agree this bad boy really brings the low country vibes to this space! Surprisingly it's under $150 too!

Not an interior design element, but all the coastal swaddles is giving me life! 💙 The lighthouse one by Hey Sis Designs (<-- click here for link) features all the coastal lighthouses in North Carolina! How cool is that!?

Overall - My husband and I truly love the low country scenery of the Carolinas so when it came to designing the theme we really wanted the design elements to pay full tribute and respect to the beauty that the Carolinas have to offer! Plus it wasn't a typical nursery theme I had really seen too much of! We really wanted something a bit more unique and personal to us. I'm so glad we went this route because we both love it so much!

One thing to know - while this nursery may look extravagant - I really did my best to work on a budget, use some decor items I already had around the house & took my time buying pieces I truly loved for this space because welp, who knows if I'll get the chance to design another nursery again! A beautiful nursery can be done one a budget & if anyone out there is trying to do one on a budget - I'd be more than willing to help! Lol I loved this project so much! It was a ton of fun and I wouldn't mind designing more nurseries with even more unique theme ideas! For now though - our nursery is all ready to go! Now we just need a baby for the final touch! 😜👶🍼

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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