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September Reading List

I have one book left to read from my August list & then I'm onto the next! I'm super excited to take on my September reading list!

You can purchase the featured books HERE or on my Amazon Store Front

Alright, so anyone else ready for cozy, fall reading days?! I chose a lot of cozy style reads for this month as I'm looking forward to reading my books in the comfort of my hammock in my garden watching the fall colors set in! Here's the list:

Verity by Collen Hoover - I've read It Ends With Us and loved it, but many have said this one is the better one! Naturally I bought it to find out for myself.

Sense and Sensibility - I admit - I've never read all of Jane Austen's work and when I did my language comprehension wasn't at an adult level. I purchased the complete works of Jane Austen & am kicking off by reading Sense and Sensibility first. Plus - how PRETTY is this book?!?!

When You're Ready This Is How You Heal - this past year I've been all about evolving and learning better habits and I'm proud to say I've finally entered my healing chapter. I'm excited to continue my healing journey and learn more on how I can advance it.

Dreamland - This new novel by Nicholas Sparks releases on Sept 20th & you bet your ass I'm going to be nose deep in it! Nicholas Sparks is and will always be my favorite author and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

The Things I Didn't Say In Therapy - I really REALLY enjoy poetry books. They're short and simple and really force me to dig deep internally. I plan to do a post soon featuring my favorite ones, but I'm excited to give this one a read!

Be sure to check out my list coming out in October - I've got quite the spooky/haunted vibe list that I'm super excited to share!!

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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