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September Tablescape 🍎

If you missed my story & why I chose to start off with apples to decorate instead of pumpkins this year - head over to read - ‘Welcoming Autumn with Apples’ first & then join us back here! 😘 For those in the loop on the apples, please continue 💁🏻‍♀️ - .....

I put together a very fun, easy & cozy dining tablescape I'm very excited to share!! Our dining nook is simply a corner on the opposite wall of our kitchen sink. When we moved in there were actually really narrow cabinets with a grey & red granite counter top. The idea was good - with counter & extra cabinets, but they both were so narrow, it was hard to even put a coffee pot on the counter therefore in my opinion, making it a bit pointless. We needed storage, but not that much! What we really needed though was a dining area for gatherings! So we ripped out the cabinets & over the years our dining nook has evolved into what it is today on this post! This space is one of my favorite spots in the house to decorate! I change it out periodically for the different seasons & holidays & for early fall I decided to decorate with apples!

Crazy to think this is what it was before it became our dining nook!

Andddd here it is today! ✨🍎

Over the summer, I found these apple branch stems 70% off a Michael's & it inspired the whole look! I stuck them in this giant jug that I use in my decor all year around - it makes for a great transitional vase centerpiece! To add some texture, I put the jug on top of a giant wicker tray! The fall scroll is from my favorite shop, Cottonwood Shanty!

When it comes to my table, I usually only do a centerpiece, but during special seasons - I like to do a full tablescape with table settings & all! It's an easy way to decorate & store my extra dishes 😜 Each place setting has a charger, a dinner plate, an appetizer plate, a linen napkin, a goblet & a coworker of mine monogrammed these mini cutting boards for me! ❤️I really wanted a cozy, harvest dinner feel when it came to the place settings! We don't always we eat at the table - most of the time in front of the tv - which will change once we start having a family. But a few times a week we eat at the table & it's super nice because it's already set to go! Plus everything you see - I already had or it was thrifted! 😘

This space will change a lot in the months ahead as the seasons progress, but for now I wanted to share the current decor for anyone looking for ideas! 😘✨🍎

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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