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Small Town Adventure: Grand Rapids, Ohio 🚙

A while back before we were even officially dating, Charles & I went on a random day drive with some friends to a random small town in Ohio. We didn’t really pay attention to details when were there at the time - just taking in sites & driving around. Years later - 7 to be exact - we always wondered what the name was of that little random town we stumbled upon way back when. We never figured it out until one day on Facebook marketplace I saw a fireplace mantle I just had to have. To our delightful surprise - that fireplace took us to that little random town called Grand Rapids, Ohio 💙

We snagged the fireplace & explored some really great antique shops! My favorite was the Providence House! Great pieces & great prices! They had a great bookstore & plenty of other cute shops!

The gorgeous fireplace we got! Excuse our messy kitchen & floors - we're still in demo phase!

How incredible is this bookstore?!

blue & white dishes have my heart & this shop has SO MANY!!

So what did I get? I found a stunning black Wedgwood heart dish for my earrings & a vintage transferware plate with the University of Toledo clock tower on it. I attended college at the University of Toledo & I spent a lot of my free time exploring this 18th century building & studying for Pre-Law in the courtyard. It certainly wasn't something I needed, but it was a piece special to me & something I had never seen before!

We finished the mini trip with amazing pizza & some lemonade from Wild Side! And drove around checking out the river views & unique homes. Had the weather been a little warmer we most certainly would have explored more!

Crazy how fate brings you back to places again, am I right?! Rediscovering this little town made my gloomy Saturday so bright 🙌🏼☀️ I can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer! I wanted to share this mini trip with you all & I hope you visit Grand Rapids, Ohio too!


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