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The Garden Dairies: Entry #1

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

At the start of 2020, I decided that I would start to pursue hobbies that I had always dreamed about doing when I was a little girl. Hobbies that would help me find a center, ease my anxiety & allow me to marvel at something I did with my own hands that didn't involve my phone! There are many hobbies I am currently trying to pursue, but one in particular is gardening! Growing up, my mother told me how they had a huge garden out in the country, not out of hobby, but for the sole purpose of feeding the household. And because she had done so much growing up, she had zero desire to do it as an adult. Welp, those stories of being in the hot sun, pulling weeds and spending weekends in the dirt still didn't shake my desire to pursue one for myself! 💙 I am a complete amateur to the garden world, but in attempt to follow my desire to learn a new hobby, I am giving it my best shot on having my own garden! The game plan is to take you all with me step by step with blog post updates as I go about this new adventure! Here's my first entry in the Garden Diaries! 👒🌸


The Garden Vision.....

So far the garden exist mostly in mind more than physically real life 😅😅😅 My vision is to have a vintage style window greenhouse with a fenced in french cottage courtyard style garden filled with flowers to cut for bouq & veggies 💚 A place that gives me mental peace with hand grown purpose. I have spent majority of the winter researching & reading up on what types of flowers & veggies grow best together. In addition, I have been working on the design layout of my garden to allow room for growing, landscape beauty & a spot to enjoy summer tea with friends 👒☕️🌿🌸 .....As you can tell from all my talk & hype - we've got lots to do to bring this dream to life! 😬😬😬

To get an idea of what the heck I’m talking about on space I’m trying to achieve - Check out the inspo that has been feeding my soul for this project on my Greenhouse Vibes Pinterest board!

What We've Done So Far....

To start - me & the hubby mapped out a spot on our 2 acre property for the greenhouse & a fenced in garden area. We have been collecting & purchasing old windows from various people on Facebook marketplace for materials to make the greenhouse! We also made our own homemade fence to keep our dogs and other wild life out of the garden as much as we can. This fence was made with more budget materials - we decided to go cheap for now to see how this whole garden process goes & eventually we plan to buy a metal iron one later on. 😊

The garden fence so far! && my fur baby Bow 🐶

What's Next...

Next up - we plan on getting the greenhouse up & getting the fence painted white! After that the plan is to get the raised garden beds in & if the Michigan weather finally quits with the cold & rain - it'll be time to start planting!! More details to follow on the process as we go! Plan is to knock out a lot over the holiday weekend coming up! 🇺🇸


In the meantime, I plan to read up more before planting with Floret Farm's Cut Flower Gardening & continue to dream up plans for my new hobby in the making! My plan is to continue to document this journey as I go with the things I learn, my fails & all that comes with the joys of gardening! If you have any gardening advice - please do not hesitate to reach out! I'm all ears!

Stay tuned for my next post from the Garden Diaries! 👒🤍


Mrs. Northern Belle



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