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Tour My Vision Board

My vision board was started in January & finally finished in the beginning of March - whoops! Better late than never, right? What can I say? Yo girl has been busy! 😅 Because my new obsession in life is finding all things motivating and I'm super hyper focused on a lifestyle change - I wanted to tour you all through my vision board! I'm excited to share mine & excited to hopefully hear feedback from others on their vision boards!

What's on it -

So of course things I want to vision for my 2022 year, but also things/places that I aspire to be or see. Even if it's not something I can achieve in the year 2022 - I want to keep myself focused on the future. I want to remind myself what my near and future goals are and to keep them right where I can see them. But more specifically, here's what on my board -

North/South Carolina

Short Term: We will be traveling to Charleston, SC, Carolina Beach & Asheville, NC this year. I love the Carolinas & am really looking forward to our vacations down there. I wanted to keep that in the front of my mind so I can stay motivated on my savings for the trip, focus on losing weight so I can look good on the beach & so I know on days when it's a long one - vacation isn't too far away!

Long term: Since I was 15 years old, I've always dreamt of moving to a southern coastal town - Nicholas Sparks will do that to ya 🙃 & someday we'd like to pack up our lives & make that move.


Short Term: I spend A LOT of money on clothes - it's hard to not to when my job requires business clothing, I need workout clothes, causal clothes, dressy clothes & pieces for all four seasons. Here in Michigan that could happen to the weather all in one day! I want to have a daily visual on how I can transition pieces in my closet for different outfits & build a capsule wardrobe with traditional pieces.

Long term: I'd like to get away from feeling the need to buy all the time. If I have higher quality, more transitional pieces & a color combination family in my closet that coordinates well - it'll not only save me money, but save me time in trying to figure out what to wear.


Short Term: I started taking yoga classes mid-December as a workout & I've been going 5 days a week now. I decided it was time to invest in myself in a way that would better my mental and physical health.

Long term: I want to stay motivated in working out & I'm glad I found a yoga studio where I feel welcome & my lack of yoga experience doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. Long term - I'd really like to get back to being flexible & really good at yoga. Someday I would love to do my own yoga teaching.

[I attend Free To Be Yoga & love it!}


Short Term: My monthly reading lists come out every month & I've enjoyed sharing with you guys my new years goal of reading more!

Long term: I want to fill my spare time with reading. I spend a lot of time scrolling on social media and I need to give my eyes and brain a break. Reading will allow me to shut out the outside world and escape to someone else's.


Short/Long Term: The quotes on my board are to inspire me for here, now & further on. I love inspiring, empowering words & I personally need to hear them everyday. Some of my quotes are related to dream chasing, sobriety, saving money, working out, etc.

Homes/Interior Decor

Short term: We eventually would like to sell our house & have some project goals in mind before that happens. I wanted those ideas fresh in my mind for when the time comes!

Long term: With selling our house someday comes the idea of a new house & I often ask myself - What would I want that to look like? Well I have a few must have ideas in mind of what I'd like my dream house to look like. By staying focused on getting this one up to speed I can hopefully get closer to achieving the dream home I have in mind.

As for the interior decor - I just LOVE interior decorating & have a few spring changes.

Andddd of course there's other clips on my board that inspire me such as reading, gardening, food, places, etc. This is my first time doing a vision board & I'm so glad I did one! I try to journal daily in this little nook & find myself looking at it constantly to refresh my thoughts and set my mind in a goal state of mind. If you've never done a vision board before - this is your sign to try it! Set it in a place where you'll see it everyday so you keep your goals close in mind!

Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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