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Vintage Brass Chandeliers

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Our home has gone through some serious changes since we first bought it nearly 3 years ago. We made changes & then changed it up again because I found something I liked better or thought would work better but didn't. My quickest change we made when first moving in was changing out the dome light fixtures for updated light pendants. However, as we lived in our home & I really started to develop what my personal interior style was - I decided to change everything out to vintage brass chandeliers to achieve the cozy, french cottage look I wanted in our home. 🖤

I'm not sure why, but I just absolutely love the shabby chic, patina, french country look. Something about the chippy, patina mixed with a bit of glam just hits my soul ❤️☺️ It took awhile & a lot of changes in our home until I really identified that was the look I loved. Since then, I've been a lot more intentional on the pieces I bring into our home so it's a nice even flow throughout!

I often get asked where I purchase all my vintage chandeliers & there's honestly no secret to it! All of mine have come from Facebook marketplace. I search often for them because they are becoming harder to find as they are pretty sought after by others into the shabby chic look. They're even harder to find for less than $130. Fortunately for me, I've been lucky enough to find all of mine for under $85, but I did have to travel at least an hour to get them. Completely worth it though! The beauty about Facebook marketplace is most people are just trying to get rid of them because they don't care for them since they're so dated & you can always attempt to negotiate the price. Don't low ball someone, but never hurts to see if you can get the price knocked down by $20! 😘They're also available on Ebay too, but they are a little pricier, plus shipping!

Cozy White Cottage by Liz Marie Galvan

My most recent chandelier in our kitchen - I found on Facebook marketplace in Chicago! The price was so good - I offered to pay for shipping if they were willing to do so. They graciously accepted & I paid via PayPal to ensure a safe transaction in case the buyer didn’t fulfill on their end. Always be careful when buying online, but if you see something for a good price, but it’s farther than you can travel to - see if they’re willing to ship if you cover shipping costs! 😊

I've slowly built my collection of the vintage chandeliers in our home & I love the way they look! However, what I love the most is the traveling we've done to go get them, the beautiful historical homes they came from & that it's a collection I've patiently built up over time. ❤️ I often wonder about the grand stories they would tell if they could talk. I think that's the best part about collecting vintage things - whether it's chandeliers or even vintage Pyrex dishes - no matter what you collect, there's memories, history, patience & a lot of thought & love that goes into it & that's not something you can buy at just any store. ❤️


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