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What's On Our List Next Time - Charleston, SC

So I'm not sure how soon we'll go back, but we def have a few must have things in mind for when we do go back! I wanted to share for those looking to go to Charleston in the near future!


Boat Harbor Tour - Seems decently affordable & allows you to get on the water rather than just looking at it!

Plantation Tour - Magnolia, Drayton, Boone Hall - We've been to Boone Hall & loved it, but we would love to go back & also visit the others too!

Click HERE to book & check out prices for the harbor & plantation tours! You can also buy a combo pack!

Kayak Shem Creek - prices start at $45 & you can kayak or paddle board in the beautiful Shem Creek with dolphins while taking in the low country scenery! A bucket list for us next time!

Charleston Tea Garden Tour - As a tea lover - I know I'd find this stupidly fascinating while most would fall asleep! I saw the tea sold in a lot of shops, but vowed myself to wait until I can buy it right at the gardens someday!

Eat at Bowen's Island Restaurant - This is where one of the scenes from Dear John a novel turned into a movie by Nicholas Sparks was filmed. I love traveling to all the filming locations & I'm honestly mad I didn't go while we were there!

More Thrifting - We went to a few Goodwill's & I did get some good stuff, but I know I didn't even touch half of the thrifting in Charleston! As a lover of antiques & thrifting - I def want to make a point next time to hit up even more spots to score some goodies that I hear are frequent to the area!

Isn’t this vintage portrait amazing?! Scored her for $13!

Morning Coffee & walking around the old homes - Our hotel was located right in the heart of downtown Charleston on King Street - which was nice and we got up early had coffee and walked the downtown area, but we didn't do much looking at the old homes. Of course we did a lot of driving around and saw them that way, but next time I want to get up early, grab coffee, wear comfy athletic clothes and REALLY walk around hardcore. Hoping we'll find some local cuisine in the mix too.


Mind you - we haven't actually done these things - YET. These are just things we want to try next time on our trip. Personally, I'm thinking it may happen again next year, but we'll see! I feel like Savannah, Georgia is calling me that way 😅 But when we go back to Charleston - we'll be ready with a plan to explore even more of the town that stole our hearts!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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