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Easy Cilantro Black Bean Vegan Tacos

Following doctors orders, Charles & I, have started to have a few days a week where we are including a Vegan meal to the menu. For those that don't know, that means no meat or animal product at all for the day. Now for some, that might sound ridiculous & even for us it did too. However, once we stepped back and looked at the bigger picture, we realized there are actually a ton of meals we eat regularly that do not have meat or any animal product.

One of my favorite recipes I came across was Vegan Tacos! Tacos are one of our favorite foods (along with Pizza!) so I was happy to stumble upon so many different recipes! There were a lot of recipes that had tofu or a Vegan friendly, meat imitations, but I wasn't into any of that. If I'm going to do a plant based meal, I want to do just plants. I still eat meat, therefore I know & strongly taste difference between the two....Basically, I don't like tofu & don't eat it.

I stumbled upon a cilantro, black bean Vegan taco recipe that sounded really good! After omitting a few ingredients to simplify, I set out to make these bad boys & was strongly surprised at how GOOD & CHEAP they were! Check it out:

What You'll Need:

Whole Wheat Tortillas (I purchase Fit N' Active from Aldi)

Black Beans




Step 1: Cut then fry the potatoes (usually cook til golden, brown)

Step 2: Drain corn, then add.

Step 3: Drain black beans, then add.

Step 4: Cook all together until hot

Step 5: Load into whole wheat tortillas

Step 6: Chop & top with fresh cilantro!

Yup, it's that easy! Seriously though, after I took my first bite I started laughing hysterically because I didn't think they would be that good. Boy was I surprised! My meat eating, hunter husband approved too so that's really saying something, right? He didn't even miss the meat or notice till asked him after he ate them! 😂

[ I added avocado too! What's one more plant, right? 😉 ]

In in all seriousness though- if you're looking to help out your cholesterol and cut back on the meat intake, this meal is a great start! Still very yummy, VERY affordable ingredients & no heart burn! I made extra so I could pack some for lunch the next day for work! What are ya waiting for? Be open minded & try new things! You might surprise yourself...I sure did! ☺


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