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Cutting Off All The Dead Ends

First off, I want to clarify- I did not cut my hair so I could make a blog post about it - I really just randomly went & cut it.

However...after cutting it and realizing how much better I felt, I started to think about all the other dead ends I've cut over the past few years. Dead ends that I never realized how heavy they were until I finally had them removed.

To keep this short & to the point here's my advice on when it's time to start cutting -


1. Quit clapping for people who can't clap for you.

- If someone isn't excited about the good news or accomplishments you have to share & can't clap for you, but you feel like you clap for them when it's their turn- they are not a fan, they're a hater. Let them go.

....I've spent way too much time building others up & being happy for them only to receive less than the same treatment back. Not okay.

2. Don't accept insults as sarcasm or joking.

-I've had friends in the past who blatantly insulted me or others & got away with it because it was labeled as "joking" or "That's just how they are...". I'm by no means an overly sensitive person, but instinct tells me the difference of being insulted & joking.

If you happen to encounter these type of assholes, SPEAK UP. Do not let them get away with disrespecting another person.

....Speaking up & defending yourself does not make you sensitive - it makes you a strong individual who refuses to tolerate social ignorance. It is pure social ignorance if one feels in order to get the crowd laughing they have to make fun of another person. Let these types of people go.

3. Change has a way of bringing out the positives & negatives.

- Changes in jobs, location, financial status or even health, has a way of showing who people really are.

Basically - if someone can't see you are trying to better yourself & be along for the journey, then they need to get off your ride of life.

Over the past five years, I have changed SO much. Sadly, as my changes started to unfold, many people got left behind in the process...

...Sometimes I do feel down about the friendships/family I once had in my life. The moments or deep conversations I had with people who no longer are apart of my life & most likely never will be again. However, I've taken those moments and conversations and filed them into what they should be - memories. Memories I will always cherish, but use as a lesson & reminder of where I've been & what's still to come.

Change is hard. That's obvious....but if you find that there are people in your life who are making you feel guilty for changing or are making the change that much more difficult - let them go. You are capable of more & anyone who can't see that - needs to be left behind - no matter how much it hurts to do so.


Sorry to get so deep with you on a Sunday, but this is just something I felt necessary to share! Hope everyone has a wonderful week filled with positive vibes!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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