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Lazy Girl Fish Tacos

"Feed me tacos & tell me I'm pretty." - is the mantra I live by.

Tacos are life & no matter how healthy I want to be - I will not give up my beloved food group!

While I love all kinds of tacos - sometimes I really get in a serious craving for some fish tacos! Only issue is - when I want tacos, I'm too lazy too make tacos. So to encourage more of my laziness - I found a lazy fish taco meal idea. Check it out...

What You'll Need:

-White Fish - $3.99-We used to do Tilapia till we found out how crazy terrible it actually is to eat. Still trying to figure out which the better fish to eat. We ended up using Flounder this time, but still searching for a good, wholesome white fish!!

-Southwest Salad Kit - at only $2.99 - Individually buying taco toppings can add up! For only $2.99 you couldn't buy all the toppings for tacos this cheap! Lettuce, cheese, tortilla chip strips & a southwest ranch (okay if used lightly!)

-Whole Wheat Tortillas - $1.99

-Low Sodium Taco Seasoning - $0.35

Now, all of my ingredients were purchased at Aldi, but I'm sure you can find all the ingredients used at other major grocery stores!

Cooking Instructions:

Spray non-sticking spray on a cookie sheet, place white fish on sheet & top with low sodium taco seasoning.

Once fish is done baking - build your taco with the Southwest Salad Kit!


Taco plate - Bed, Bath & Beyond $2.99 These taco plates are amazing at holding the taco up & have a spot for beans & rice! #winning #tacogamestrong


As always - thank you for reading & I hope you take a shot at trying this easy meal idea!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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