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A visit to Sunshine Acres 🌻

While it feels like the entire town is at the huge local country concert, Faster Horses 🤪 - The hubby and I decided to take a little drive to Somerset, Michigan to visit Sunshine Acres located at Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farm! 🌻

For a reasonable fee per person - you can visit this massive field filled with different varieties of sunflowers! You can cut your own too! We opted for the mason jar size to cut! And of course you can take alllll the pictures you want with multiple photo spots set up too! So that’s what we did - picked pretty sunflowers & took allll the pictures!

Click HERE for info on Sunshine Acres!

Dress linked HERE 🌻

(Only $26 & I’m wearing a size XL/12)

It truly was a beautiful experience & I highly recommend making the trip! Afterwards, we went to Meckley’s - sunshine acres is located with Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farms - & we paid ourselves a visit to the bakery for some fresh donuts & old fashioned glass bottle sodas! They also have an upstairs bar with hard cider & wine! Highly recommend checking it out! Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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