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Strawberry Pickin' 🍓

In effort to get out of the house on a little day trip, the hubby & I saw an ad on Facebook Friday night for a strawberry farm where you could pick your own & we decided to add that to our itinerary for Sunday! Our adventure took us on a country drive to Creek Valley Farm [<----- Click the name to visit their Facebook] & it was more fun than I had anticipated! Believe it or not - I've never been strawberry pickin' so I was a bit nervous what I was signing up for!! 😳

Upon arrival you have the option to just pull up & buy the quantity you wish already picked without even getting out of your car! Or you can do the pickin' yourself - obvi we opted for the pickin'! They have two different size box containers to choose from that you can fill up & since we were already there & ready to do the job - we opted for the biggest - a $27, 10 pound container. I must admit - I was a bit nervous thinking how long it might take to fill up such a big container. But between the hubby & I, our big box was piled high with bright red, fresh strawberries within 20 minutes! With our hands & lips stained red from pickin' & snackin' & a little bit of red sun on our shoulders - we loaded up & took our big pile of strawberries home! 🍓😍

We gave the strawberries a nice long soak in the sink & cut them them up to freeze for smoothies! Of course we saved some to eat fresh! My favorite way to eat fresh strawberries is to toss a little cane sugar on them, mix them up & serve topped with coconut whip cream! It's a yummy treat that I don't feel super guilty for eating like I would chocolate chip cookies 😄

Thanks for reading about our Sunday adventure! I hope to share more! And I hope you get the chance to visit Creek Valley Farm too!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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