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Where We Ate In Charleston, SC

Now that I shared What We Did In Charleston, SC - it's time to share what we ate!! Here's some of the favorite places we ate!

As soon as I got to the south my carving instantly changed it seemed. I wanted fried chicken with bacon and syrup with some sweet tea BAD! Luckily Viscous Biscuit stumbled in our path & it completely hit the spot! You can build your own biscuit sandwich - like what I did or they have ones on the menu. This spot was easily my favorite on the trip! Located over the Cooper river in Mount Pleasant.

Sweet tea, maple syrup biscuit sammy & home fries!

Whenever we go on vacation - we like to do at least one nice dinner. This trip we made reservations for the Peninsula Grill. We chose to eat outside in the small garden dining area and it was beautiful and romantic. The service was great and they had a very detailed and exquisite menu. We played it safe and get steaks with sides & because we were celebrating an anniversary they brought us out a little macaron dessert complimentary which was super sweet. I for sure would like to go back, but next time I'd like to be more adventorous with what we order. After a long day of walking around - we just decided to go with what we knew. I highly recommend making reservations for this restaurant though to guarantee a table! Located downtown by the city market!

We celebrated our anniversary early & this was a complimentary item from the restaurant 💙

So for Henry's they have restaurant on the sidewalk level and also a rooftop restaurant - but know that their menus are separate because it's two different kitchens operating the locations. The rooftop has a limited menu, but it's still very good! And the view is incredible! Located right by the market!

Sadly I forgot to get a pic of my food because I ate it right away 😅 the view here is great tho!

We met up with my cousin and her husband from North Carolina in Charleston & they recommended this brunch spot & I'm so glad because it was soooooo good!! It's really got more a local vibe and is so quaint! We all loved it! I do recommend making reservations for this one as well as it's a popular spot with Charleston residents. This one is located downtown not too far from the market. Great find, Danielle!

My cousin & her husband from Wilmington, NC met up with us in Charleston! So good to see familiar faces!

My favorite dessert - French Macarons! So many yummy flavors! These made for a quick midday snack during our shopping.

This one was a spot I was had at the top of my agenda & I'm happy to say it did not disappoint! It's very much modern french vibes with the most incredible coffee & pastries! I got an iced lavender latte with a chocolate croissant. My only regret is we didn't make it in time before they closed at 6pm for dessert! Highly recommend this spot! Located right on King Street.

Located just over the Cooper river in Mount Pleasant - down by Shem's Creek there is scenic boardwalks, fisherman docking with their fresh catch and a good handful of different seafood restaurants. We went to Vickery's for some good, fresh seafood and got to enjoy an incredible view! Highly recommend there creme brulee cheesecake! After dinner we walked the docks admiring the fisherman's successful catch for the day and taking in the beautiful low country scenery. This restaurant also has an outdoor bar area!

For lunch while we were shopping we decided to give this sandwich shop a try and it did not disappoint! Good portions and super quick! Right on King Street! Great lunch spot!! Def would go here again!

Located right Isle of Palms - the restaurant has a STUNNING view of the ocean! Great food to match the view too! There were a ton of good menu items that I had a hard time choosing from! My phone died before I could get pics of the entrees, but we got grilled shrimp!

And that wraps up our Charleston food tour! Of course we had a few Chic-Fil-A & Waffle House stops, but these were our top favorites! Hope this helps anyone else traveling to the area!

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