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Easy Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza!!

Usually on Saturday & Sunday mornings, the hubby & I like to take time to enjoy a good breakfast. During the work week he & I are always running around like chickens with ours heads cut off, so it's nice to slow down for a morning or two. While we could make the norm- pancakes/waffles, eggs and some meat- I wanted to have something I could do the night before that way I don't have to wake up & spend my Saturday morning cooking & cleaning up afterwards. So like everyone now on this planet, I set off on Pinterest to find an easy, low cost and few ingredient recipe for weekend mornings!

While this obviously isn't a normal, standard version of a 'pizza', I decided to still keep the name from the recipe I found. As mentioned before- I typically find recipes online and alter them. So if you may find other versions as well on Pinterest. The recipe I had found included some ingredients I knew my husband wouldn't like so I omitted them. It's all about what you like!

What You'll Need:

~Pie Plate


~Slivered Almonds

~Natural Peanut Butter

~1 Tub of Vanilla Yogurt (I use Greek Yogurt)

~Fruit (Any of choice)

&that's it!!

Making it...

Step 1: In a mixing bowl- combine 3 cups of granola, 1 cup of slivered almonds & 1 cup of peanut butter. Throughouly mix. (It can be a little difficult to mix!)

Step 2: Once mixed, coat pie plate with granola mix. This is the crust of the pizza. Once evenly spaced out on the pie plate, place the crust in the fridge for AT LEAST 1 hour! [Disclaimer: I usually make this the night before so it's pretty firm for the next day. However, you can have it ready in a hour, but the crust isn't as cold or firm.]

Step 3: Once the crust has hardened- top the pizza with Vanilla Yogurt!

Step 4: Place fruit of choice all over pizza! Sometimes I'll do chocolate chips too ;)

Step 5: Cut. Serve. ENJOY!

I have made this twice so far! My friends & family have loved it! It's super cheap and easy to make, but looks like it was something you spent hours making! All of my ingredients for this were purchased at Aldi!

Keep checking back for different pizza ideas! Enjoy y'all!

xoxoxox Northern Belle Fitness


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