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Best Bass Pro Fashion Finds

So not gonna lie - as much as I love hitting the mall or TJ Maxx, one of my favorite places to shop for clothes, home decor & more is Bass Pro Shops!

But seriously......

I mean how often can you buy food, ammo, home decor & clothes all in one place?! #winning

Not to mention- the Hubby is never opposed to a shopping trip when it's an outdoor store involved! ;)

Check out just a few of my affordable finds from my trip to Bass Pro Shops!


1. Flannel Fest!

Has there ever been a greater event? I mean common - FLANNEL FEST! Good,warm & durable flannels for $25!

Now I know you can go somewhere like Kohls or Old Navy & get a flannel for $10, but if you're looking for a real, true flannel - get yourself to Bass Pro Shops!

P.S - Flannel Fest ends Nov 5th!! So get your butts in store or online NOW!

2. Boots!

Fall is here & winter is on it's way! The only way I stay positive in the face hurting cold is by dressing cute despite the temps! Check out these cute, comfortable boots I scored for only $25! I legit have been wearing them non stop!

3. HIKING Boots!

I've really, REALLY been wanting a nice pair of hiking boots for awhile now! We live across from an amazing hiking trail in Tecumseh, MI & it's a pretty rugged terrain that tears up all my Nikes or other shoes. I was beyond stoked when I saw hiking boots by Redhead for only $30!!!!! #jawdrop

I've already worn the boots a few times & they feel amazing! So amazing that I'm planning on ordering my hubby a pair for Christmas! [ shhhh don't tell him! ;) ]

Ladies- Cute, affordable fashion is available everywhere! Even at the stores that sell ammo & fishin' gear ;)

More fashion finds from the best outdoor stores to come --> stay tuned!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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