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The Return of the Birkenstock Boston Clog

Okay, no lie - this shoe style had a complete chokehold on my high school back in 2009ish! Everyone was always shufflin' about the hallways in these comfy, backless, no arch support bad boys lol. 😜 I was one of them, I will admit. 🫣🥴 Which is why I was shocked to see that they have returned and are the latest fashion trend for Fall 2022! Now back in the day, mine were the dark brown ones from American Eagle because my mom refused to get me the lighter color cause they'd get dirty 😒 & I had no clue what Birkenstock was being from a little small town, but we made'em work! I felt mildly embarrassed purchasing them again - I had one of those old people moments - "Are these seriously back in style?". However, after putting them on I was immediately sent back to the 2009 comfy nostalgia & remembered why I loved them to begin with.

While I am an adult now and can purchase whatever I please - I did opt for lighter color like I had always wanted (much to my mother's dismay back then), but I still bought the budget version rather than Birkenstock. I wasn't sure how often I would wear them, so I didn't find it necessary to spend an investment price on what may just be a trendy piece. I opted for the one's from Kohls & I've owned them a week and have worn them so much! The only reason I haven't worn them every single day is because it's literally 80 degrees out and I feel these style a lot better with some cozy, chunky socks. They give me something to look forward to when the weather gets cooler at least!

Because I opted for the budget version rather than the $100+ name brand Birkenstock one's - I rounded up some budget friendly dupes! This is for anyone that is a millennial that wants their clogs back or for anyone looking to participate in this comfy trend while still remaining true to a budget!

Shop HERE for the Birkenstock dupes!

I can't wait to share how I style this comfy bad boys this season! Stay tuned!


Mrs. Northern Belle

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