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Smoothie Prep - How To

So in addition to 'Meal Prep', I also do 'Smoothie Prep'. 🍌🍍🍊🍓🍑🥑🥦

For whatever reason, once I went to college, my stomach could no longer handle food before 9 AM. Prior, I always woke up early during grade school & had a bowl of cereal or made myself an egg with no issues. So it was extremely odd that all of a sudden this was happening...

After several failed attempts to figure out why at the doctors, I started to test out what things my body would accept in the morning. I refused to give up because the feeling of being hungry made it miserable to focus in school or even work at my job. By lunch time I was able to eat, but overate from being so hungry!

I was beyond thrilled when I found out smoothies were something my body would tolerate! Smoothies are not only yummy, but are an amazing way to get all your proteins, omegas & veggie/ fruit in take!

I tried the smoothie kits in the freezer section, but found those didn't go very far. Then, for awhile, I would buy the smoothie juice by 'Naked', but unless I caught them on sale - drinking those 7 days a week began to add up. Don't get me wrong - they're a great alternative if you're traveling or stopping at the gas station! However, not ideal for a low budget.

With help from Pinterest - I was able to get ideas on how to create & prep my own smoothies so they're affordable & easy to make every morning! Check it out ⤵⤵⤵

Smoothie Prep

What You'll Need:

-Greens (Kale or Spinach) P.S You can't even taste it once blended, but still get your green veggies in for the day!

-Frozen Fruit

-Chia Seeds or Granola

-Liquid (Almond Milk, Water or Organic, Pure Fruit Juices with no sugar added)

-Protein Powder (Whatever you prefer - I use Aloha Protein Powder)

-Plastic Baggies

How To:

-Put 1 cup of greens in bag

-Then 1 1/2 cups of preferred frozen fruit

-Top with 1 scoop of chia seeds or granola

-Place in freezer

Once the smoothie packs are frozen - in the morning you can pull one out, put the frozen contents in a blender & add a liquid (usually a cup), protein powder, peanut butter or whatever your prefer to put in it from that point! Blend & Enjoy!

That's it!!

This method is not only easier, but very affordable! I buy almost all of my fruit for under $3! I either get it at Aldi or during the summer at the local Farmers Markets! I buy bulk & just freeze anything I think I won't eat before it goes bad! Last year in South Haven, my hubby & I bought 10lbs of blueberries 😲 Okay,...that might not have been necessary, but we're still using them!!! Point is - you can do it affordably! && --> support your local farmer too! �

As for equipment:

I currently use a Magic Bullet blender, but do not recommend it whatsoever. I leaks sometimes & doesn't blend well at all.

However, I do recommend a Yeti Rambler to drink your smoothie out of! They may be a little pricey, but they keep your smoothie perfectly cold, so you can enjoy it till the very last sip!! [straw sold separately]


I hope y'all found this post to be helpful in your next step to a more healthy & organized lifestyle! Stay tuned, as I will be sharing smoothie recipes for you to try! Thanks for reading ❤


Mrs. Northern Belle



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