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Superbowl Sunday Outfit

Put aside the dreary winter weather cause one of the best food infested holidays next to Thanksgiving is coming - The Superbowl!

Now, generally I'm more of a college football fan, but for the Superbowl, I make an exception! Food, beer, parties & football - is there anything better? NOPE!

Check out what I'm wearing for Superbowl Sunday 🏈⬇

//NFL Tee - Old Navy

As said above ^, I'm more of a college football fan, BUT if I had to choose an NFL team it would be the Detroit Lions! 💙 So since my team won't be at the Superbowl, I decided to keep myself team neutral with a simple NFL graphic tee.

Yes, I'm 24 years old & still buying jeans from a store I've been shopping at since middle school [#sorrynotsorry] BUT I promise the minute you put these bad boys on y'all will see what I'm talking about. These high rise jeans are flexible, comfortable & stretchy - so eat all the queso, meatballs & other football food ya want!

Shop them here



My style is all over the place - I'm not a skater & I don't claim to be 100% a country girl. To be honest, I just wear whatever I like & just let people be confused. I only have this one life & I'm going be as many different versions of myself as I wanna be - even if that's just in the shoe department.

ANYWAY - if I'm not wearing my cowgirl boots, I usually go to my Vans. They're stylish, comfortable & not the most expensive shoe on the market. I find Vans really help to complete the whole "athleisure" look.

The navy color vans I'm wearing are no longer available directly through Van's themselves, but here's a similar style in blue]

Welp, that's all! Thanks for poppin' by to read! Hope you all have a fantastic day & enjoy the Super Bowl Sunday when it gets here!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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