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The Best Boot Brands - In my opinion 😉

On top of a lot of things - One item I'm majorly obsessed with - is cowboy boots! I've been wearing boots for years now & built up quite the collection 😘

For me - not only are they super comfortable, but so fun to style! Country fashion has come along ways from the Dolly Parton days (no offense to Dolly, but times have changed!☺). I absolutely love how versatile & stylish my boots can be in any setting! Wearing my boots in a stylish way has become sort of a passion for me! I love showing people that cowboy boots can be worn tastefully in many settings!

....Like for your wedding shoes 👰😁

Which is why I wanted to share with y'all my top five favorite boot brands!! Whether you're pairing your boots with some cut off shorts or a cute dress, I've got the complete line up for the best boots on the market! The Pros, Cons & price ranges!

Take a look ⬇⬇⬇

[P.S click on the underlined brand name & it'll take you right to the website to shop'em!]

Corral boots may be one of my top favorite dressy boot brands! Cheaper than Old Gringo's, but super flashy & festive! I've purchased three pairs so far from this brand & have completely worn them out! And every time I've worn them - I've received DOZENS of compliments!

Pros: VERY stylish, flashy & tons of detail on these boots! Not to mention, I have found some very unique styles only featured by Corral!

Cons: Can be very pricey! Usually range from $200 & plus.

Corral's can also take awhile to break in! I made the mistake of breaking a new pair in during the weekend of Faster Horses & it was a rough time! Blisters for dayzzzz! I knew this would happen so I came prepared with medicine, band aids, etc. However, if you're new to this brand - just know it'll take a minute before you get used to them!

Last con, these are not boots for everyday wear. At least I didn't think so. I bought a pair at the beginning of the summer one year & by October they were almost ready to retire 😔😔😔 I had worn them almost every single day that summer & to Faster Horses - you could def see they had seen some good times & been loved though! I mainly stick to this brand now as my 'dress boot' - meaning ones I only wear for good.

If you're looking for boots similar to the Corral style, but for a more affordable cost - then I most certainly recommend the Circle G brand! Still have a more detailed look, but not the high price point!


Con: Not every boot shop carries this brand, but you can purchase online!

Another super affordable boot brand I love is Duragno! Usually under $200 & very comfortable!

Pros: Affordable, more designed for actual purpose of work/farm boot & a ton of different styles!

Cons: Honestly, I can't think of any! These are a really great boot for a great price!

I won't even lie to you - Ariat boots are my all time fav hands down 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️ Not only are they super comfortable, but incredibly durable & classic looking! Ariat does feature fancier pairs, but if you're looking for a classic boot that is comfortable & gets the job done - getchu some of these! I've purchased 3 pairs of these boots & they are my everyday, most worn boots! I recommend this brand to everyone!

Pro: Sold at Tractor Supply - not a huge selection, but a pretty decent size one if you're looking to pick up a basic boot!


Comfortable! These boots were made for walking - literally!

Cons: Prices can vary - usually ones from TSC start at $80 & plus, but the Ariat brand can get pricey! However, as said above, they're worth it!!

What I like to call the 'Rolls Royce' of the boot world hahaha! For real though - these boots START at roughly $500. I do not personally own a pair (yet😏), but absolutely love them! Even though it sounds completely ridiculous to throw over $500 on cowboy boots, these boots are 100% worth it! I've only heard good things about them! Comfortable, stylish & always VERY unique & flashy! If you're a boot obsessed person like I am - you'll appreciate the amount of time & work that has gone into these.

Pros: VERY, VERY UNIQUE! These boots are great for any country brides!

Cons: VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE! Also, other than purchasing online, Old Gringo's are hard to get a hold of in the North. I personally recommend going to Nashville if you're going to spend this kind of money on boots!

Pictures & Old Gringo Boots available at Rivertrail Mercantile

.....And those are my top favorite boot brands! Granted, there are a TON of amazing boots on the market, but these are just my personal favorite! 😘 Hope y'all shop & come to love your boots as much as I have!

&&& For my local buddies - Stay tuned because I will be doing a post featuring my favorite local boot shops!

...Because 1. Support local & 2. You can try on & get a feel for which boots is right for you!!


Mrs. Northern Belle

P.S - Looking for ideas on how to style your boots all year around? ---> Follow my 'Country Fashion' board on Pinterest for inspiration!



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