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Blue Striped French Dress

I won't lie to y'all - I wear dresses not just cause they're cute & stylish, but because they're comfy & I don't have to think about finding pants to go with a top in the morning 😂. #lazygirlhack You can simply wake up in the morning, throw one of these bad boys on & the world thinks you dressed up, when really you were just too lazy to coordinate something else or wear physical pants 😜 I recently added another dress to contribute to my lazy girl life & this one is a true gem! Shop my latest score from Amazon & all the other details below if you're looking for a comfy, stylish summer outfit for less! ⤵

I came across this dress while watching another bloggers Instagram story & she was saying how much she hated it, but all the meanwhile I LOVED it! 😳 😂 I purchased it right away & am so glad I did! Very light & airy making it a comfy summer wardrobe piece! Plus it can be styled with a blue jean jacket, a light sweater or with various kinds of shoes! I got a size L/12 to be on the safe side for fit! (P.S - I ordered a few other colors in this same style, so stay tuned to see which ones I got! ☺)

[-If your size is out of stock, keep checking back! Mine was out of stock for a few days, but then back in! 💙]

The comfiest sandals in the land & only for $23 from Target! 😱 I had originally planned on investing in some Birkenstock's this summer, but I had to budget my money in other areas, so I opted for these cheap dubs! However, they are anything BUT cheap! So comfortable, trendy & they go with almost everything in my closet! Easily one of my best purchases for my summer wardrobe!

Hope y'all enjoyed this budget friendly outfit tidbit 😘 I must say, as much as I love finding a good deal, I love sharing all my finds even more with all of you! 💙 As always, thanks for reading!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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