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DIY Neutral Christmas Wreath 🎄

Y'all already know my love for Christmas decor & for budget friendly things, so naturally when I'm able to combine the two - my heart & soul are very happy! ☺ Which is why I wanted to share my easy, affordable DIY Christmas wreath with y'all! Follow along -

First things first, my Christmas is decor is very cozy, neutral. After years & years of lots of reds & other colors - I decided to take a break & try a more simplistic, antique cozy vibe ▫◻▫◻▫◻ I still love all the reds & colors in decor & for others, but for myself not so much. So when it came to making my wreath - I wanted stick to the same cozy, neutral vibe as well!

What You'll Need:

1 Flocked Christmas Wreath - I purchased mine from Walmart for only $10! However Joann Fabrics as them as well for only $6.99!

1 Sprig of Magnolia's - Purchased from Walmart for only $3 a bush (Available in store in floral section)

2-3 Sprigs of Pine Cones - Purchased from Hobby Lobby! (Available in store in the Christmas floral section)

And all I did was tuck my sprigs of goodies in the wreath evenly on one side! You can do the whole wreath or just one side like I did - totally your choice!

Lastly, hang it where you please! I have mine the middle of my huge tobacco basket I scored on the FB Marketplace for $20!! It takes up the whole wall, but I love it that is such a large statement piece! I totally recommend the tobacco basket route for decor - you can leave it up all year just simply change out wreaths for every season!! If you're looking for a large one too - def check out Hobby Lobby! They have a ton of different sizes and at great prices!

And that's for my sweet, simple Christmas wreath! Nothing too crazy & of course not perfect, but still cozy nonetheless!


Mrs Northern Belle



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