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Cozy Master Bedroom Fireplace Decor ☕️🌲🔥

This time last year I was trying to come up with a way to fill an empty corner in our master bedroom with something that would be decorative, hold a TV & but not cost a fortune. I didn't want another dresser & an armoire was much too big. Fortunately for me, I have a creative hubby who came up with idea of a shiplap corner faux fireplace & it all came together from there!! Now coming up on our 2nd Christmas in our little home 🎄🏡 - I cannot tell you how much coziness this piece adds to our little master bedroom! 😌☕️🖤 I have so much fun decorating it & winter mornings & nights in bed cuddled up are completely treasured! ❤️❤️❤️ I completely recommend a corner faux fireplace for those looking to add decorative flair instead of just a normal TV stand!

Anyway's - I wanted share with you all the affordable details on the Christmas decorations featured on our master bedroom faux fireplace this season!

The mini pine trees with a burlap based were purchased last year from Walmart! I had actually used them down the center of my old dining room table, but my dining table decor is going in a different direction this year so I decided to move these to a new location this year! They originally had a little red ribbon them & a Merry Christmas ornament, but I just cut those off. All I did was pull these cuties out of storage and plop them in the chippy cement planters! I added a little Spanish moss for more neutral texture & layering.

Last year almost all of my Christmas decor was flocked aka - snowy looking - & while I still LOVE flocked decor, this year I wanted to add more neutral, natural pine elements to my decor. And while I wanted to add a few new pieces to my decor - because I bought a ton of Christmas decor last year when we first moved in - I didn't want to go blow a ton of money on more Christmas decor especially because it wasn't exactly needed. Fortunately for me - Walmart has a killer selection for decor this year at great prices! I scored this natural pine and pine cone mix garland in a 9ft section for $14.98! A great priced compared to most stores! It does take a little effort in fluffing to get it to look full & I added a few sprigs of eucalyptus for some more fluff & natural texture! Walmart also carries the matching wreaths to this garland


//Eucalyptus Pieces

To add a little more fluff and fullness to my garland - I bought a bush of eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby & cut a few sprigs to tuck into the garland. It makes it fuller looking & gives a great natural element to the garland. I bought one bush & didn't even use half of it! Wait for it to go half off at Hobby Lobby before purchasing though to save some $$$!

Something about neutrals tones & ruffles just warms my heart ❤️ so last year when I found these stockings on Amazon I just had to have them!

//Knit Sweater Stockings

If you follow my content on Instagram - you'll know my love for chunky, sweater knit goodies! These super affordable sweater knit stockings were a must have when I stopped into Five Below! They come in red & dark green as well & are so so so cozy no matter what color you choose! They aren't available online - but check your local Five Below store!!

I added wood bead garland to add more warmth to the neutral tones & to add a layering effect. This particular wood bead garland used is actually in the fall decor at Hobby Lobby! I bought it last year & it was available again this year too! Hobby Lobby has a few different style of wood bead garland in their Christmas section as well too in case you can't get your hands on this one!

And those are all the details on the decor featured on our faux fireplace in our master bedroom! 😘When I envisioned my decor for this space this year - I wanted to avoid buying as much as possible & use what I already had. I already have a TON of Christmas decor & really didn't need to spend money on more. However, I did indulge myself in the affordable garland from Walmart & $3 sweater knit stockings to add to the decor I already have. Aside from those pieces - everything I already had from last year I just moved it around from where it was last Christmas! If you feel like your holiday decor is a little blahhh this year - don't go blow a ton of money on all new things - instead find ways to enhance what you already have with just a few new & affordable pieces!

Thanks for reading! My hope is this post gave you ideas on ways to work with what you have while making improvements that work for you & your budget! Stay tuned for mroe affordable decor ideas coming soon!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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