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Garden Diaries Entry #3

Updated: Mar 21

I started my Garden Diaries series back in the spring/summer of 2020 when my backyard garden was something for me to look forward too once I got healthy again from Lyme disease. I didn't blog about it as much as I should of, but if you followed me on Instagram - you'll know I had a lot of great cups of morning coffee in that little slice of heaven back in Michigan during the summer. Well as bittersweet as it was - my journey with my garden in Michigan came to an end when uprooted our lives to leave the Midwest to pursue a southern coastal lifestyle! Now I'm excited to resume my Garden Dairies blog series here in North Carolina! So my first entry here in NC is kicking off the garden plans and this seasons garden must haves - in my opinion of course! 💙😘

Upon moving to a very hot spot of the country - we quickly learned the housing costs were very pricey & having a lot of land wasn't too much of an option without some serious coin! In Michigan we had almost 3 acres & learned it just became a hassle to mow, our dogs didn't use the yard - they just wined at the backdoor to be let in and we just knew we maybe didn't need that much this time around. Flashforward - our new home has a pretty small backyard, but for us it's fine when the beach is 15 mins away! I wanted to preserve the backyard space we had for a shed, bonfire area and eventually a play set for our little guy. Plus the backyard is pretty shaded for growing. So I decided to optimize the side of our house that has just completely unoccupied lawn space! This area gets plenty of sun for all my full sun plants & I have big plans to make it a very cute & quaint coastal cottage garden! Stay tuned for updates, but for now - here are some things I bought to get our garden moving!

Shop the above items by clicking HERE!

//Pink Hunter Boots - Would any outdoor boot do for gardening? Of course, but lets be honest - the pink is a lot more fun! 🎀 Got these beauties for when I'm watering to keep my feet clean and dry!

//Birdhouse - I like simple garden ornaments - things that enhance the lawn, but don't make it look overly cluttered. This birdhouse is simple & achieves the look I'm going for!

//Planter Box w/dividers - In our old garden we made wood boxes, but overtime I could tell they weren't going to hold up with all the weight of the dirt, water, etc. These are plastic so they won't rot & the dividers are great for spacing out my plants perfectly! I got two & hoping it'll be enough for the things I have planned for this season! We set up them up on side of the house with room to add two more if needed!

//Basket of gardening tools - I need some good gardening tools & I love this plastic wicker garden tool basket for aesthetic purposes!

//Herb Plant Stand - I decided to get this for all my herbs for cooking! I plan on spray painting it white to match our green and white house and then putting it on our front porch! It's super cheap in price and pretty good quality! I may get another one for our back porch!

These are just a few of the items I have purchased to get my garden going this spring! I know some may think I'm crazy doing a garden while pregnant, but getting outdoors will be good for me & I'm fortunate to have my husbands help should I need it! Plus I'm looking forward to showing my little one how to grow his own food! Stay tuned for more Garden Dairy entries!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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