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March Reading List

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

As I was last month, I'm still finishing up books from my February reading list, but I wanted to make sure I shared my plans for March with y'all!

All books from my reading list can be purchased HERE

//The Woman Of Copper Country - This novel takes place in Michigan & features a historic tragedy that took place many many years ago. Being a native of Michigan & having heard about this tragedy - I was interested in reading about it.

//The No Spend Challenge Guide - I'm still struggling hardcore to limit my spending I won't lie. I'm hoping this book can offer me some much needed advice to really help me to reduce the spending.

//You'll Come Back To Yourself - Just the title alone on this one caught my eye. I love a good poem/quote book and I already relate to the title so I can only imagine how good it'll be.

//A Proper Charade - No clue what this one is about - but the beautiful cover caught my eye & I knew I had to read it! As mentioned before - I'm a huge fan of Victorian based novels.

//Clever Girl Finance - I read 'Grow Your Money' from this same author & I LOVED IT! So easy to read, so educational and I took away a lot of good tips & gained confidence to start investing. I've begun reading her blog, listening to her podcasts & I'm excited to read more her work.

That's the March reading list for ya! See ya next month to share more!!


Mrs. Northern Belle


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