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Acai Bowl 101

Acai Bowls!

What is Acai?

Acai is a berry that is found in South & Central America. It is similar to a blueberry and cranberry. It is a super food that is incredibly enriched with antioxidants and fiber that give a natural energy.

How did I ever hear of Acai?

Usually if I'm not finding foodie ideas on Pinterest, I'm finding them on Instagram. I recently got super fascinated with the famous Acai bowls. I kept seeing from people in Hawaii or California eating these delicious, pretty looking bowls. Such tropical places fascinate me because they have so many interesting things available to them that I've never even seen before! I made it my mission to find away to bring Acai into my home in Michigan!

Finding Acai:

Finding Acai can be pretty difficult, but luckily more grocery stores are branching out for interesting foods. You will find that most stores carry Acai powder or the berry supplements, but not always the frozen puree packets. After reaching out- Instagram user @earthyandy recommended going to the website and using their website to locate a seller in my area for Acai. Shockingly, Meijer had it! Here I thought this super exclusive food would be difficult to find in Michigan and it was at a normal, popular grocery store! I buy the 'original' frozen Acai berry packets by Samabzon. At Meijer, I pay $6.99 for 6 frozen packets.

How I make an Acai bowl:

Disclaimer: Don't be disappointed if you fail the first few attempts when making an Acai bowl. I failed miserably, but with help from my husband, I was able to get the perfect consistency!

Step 1: 1 Frozen Sambazon Acai berry packet. Run under water to soften just a tad bit.

Step 2: Combine into a blender with -

1/2 cup frozen fruit of choice 1 Frozen Acai packet 1/4 Almond Milk 1 cup fresh fruit 1-2 Tbs of all natural peanut butter

Step 3: Blend! :)

Step 4: After blending to get a thick, almost ice cream texture it's time to top the bowl off! My favorite things to top my Acai bowl with are granola, shredded coconut, fresh fruit & sometimes dark chocolate chips. These things add not only more flavor, but a crunchy texture!

Acai bowls have become my morning breakfast! Occasionally, in the evening I find myself eating a bowl for dinner! I try to take one day a week where I am completely meatless & an Acai bowls satisfies my hunger without feeling heavy or bloated! Plus gives me energy!! Can't complain about getting more of that!

I know there are a lot of different ways to make Acai & do not claim to be a complete expert. Just sharing my experiences with Acai <3 and hope you too will give this amazing food a try!

Any questions feel free to reach out! Enjoy y'all

xoxox Northern Belle Fitness


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