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Purpose of Northern Belle Fitness

Northern Belle Fitness

When I first went off to college, I was pretty fit. Once I started classes, any extra weight shed off me like no other! I worked out, ate decently and quit drinking pop. I felt like I was in the greatest shape of my life and I was! After three years at college, I returned home and sadly my healthy habits went out the window….Bonfires and beer just went hand in hand every Friday and Saturday night. My boyfriend (now Husband) and I went out to dinner daily. We watched movies in bed instead of working out. Basically, I just got to be lazy with my health. I regret it terribly, but since packing on 20 lbs of love weight, I am determined to shed it. As determined as I am to shed the weight, I am also determined to shed it affordably.

Luckily today, it’s so easy to get ideas, tips and workouts through the internet and social media. However, I do get disappointed when I see a good recipe or inspiring person online and they shop at REALLY expensive grocery stores and have fancy gym memberships. It’s awesome to see people putting money into their health, but what about the rest of us that don’t have that kind of money? I can’t afford to workout in Lululemon, grocery shop at Whole Foods and film my workouts at super nice, elite gym. I’m not jealous or hating others who do that, but I just simply cannot afford to.

Which is why I created the Instagram: @northernbelle_fitness . Northern Belle Fitness focuses on showing that an affordable fitness lifestyle can exist. You can wear great, comfortable, workout clothes that meet your budget! Healthy food can be expensive, but not if you know how and where to shop for it! Home workouts are effective and can kick your butt into shape! Patience in the process and I promise results will show!

On here and Instagram you will find meal ideas, product reviews, workouts I do and where I shop for fitness apparel! I promise to be honest and keep it real with y’all. Please bare in mind, I am not an expert or claim to be. I’m simply figuring this journey out independently as I go and hope maybe I can help others afford a healthy lifestyle as well. Let’s do this together!


Alicia aka Northern Belle Fitness


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