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Patio for Pennies!

It's rounding up to two years since my husband & I have moved into our apartment. Despite the disappointment of living in an apartment, I've always made it my mission to make my one bedroom feel like home. Fortunately, we face the woods & have pretty little balcony that I absolutely love! We eat, drink, relax and even workout on our apartment balcony. Some weeks we spend more time out on the balcony than in the actual apartment. So why not take the time to make it a beautiful place to relax in? Being in love with southern/farmhouse decor, I had to incorporate a little bit of it into our tiny space! Turquoise & a coral, orange for a much needed color pop! Check out how I did my patio under $120!

Turquoise Adirondack Chairs- $12 each. Pillows- $5 each, & Galvanized wind mill -$12 all at Walmart!

The side table was from a garage sale for 25 cents. The mason jar, Magnolia flowers & burlap W, I already had sitting in a closet.

Hanging basket & Flowers- Dollar Tree! I cannot keep flowers alive to save my life. With that being said, I hate spending the money if I know it's going to die anyway. So fake it is for me. $5 and I have a decent enough hanging basket & no bees! (This idea compliments of my Aunt- Colleen Eckman! Thank you!)

Wood planter purchased: Tractor Supply end of season for $6!

Garden Flag: Kirkland's after season $3

Flowers: (Fake! Shhhhh!) Dollar Tree!

[Disclaimer: Chicken wire is up because my fur babies love to sun themselves, but occasionally see a squirrel they would like to snack on! The wire helps their little butts stay on the third floor rather than falling to the first ;) ]


In addition to have a place to relax, I wanted a place to dine. I love going to restaurants in downtown Ann Arbor where you can sit outside on a cute bistro set with dinner & wine. Why couldn't I create that atmosphere at my own place? +Plus save on the co$t of going out!

Luckily- I was able to score this metal bistro set at Target late August for only $30!!! Originally $130! Shop out of season people! I'm telling ya! The savings are unreal! Granted it wasn't the color I wanted & fall weather was sinking in so we couldn't enjoy it right away, it was still worth purchasing at the time.

Patio furniture can be found everywhere! I see cute pieces even at Dollar General & Family Dollar! Also-everyday I see TONS of super expensive patio sets on Facebook market place for almost 70%-90% off the original price in store! People are always changing their style & decor so make sure you're on top of it if you're trying to score a deal too!

Since purchasing this bistro set, we have enjoyed many meals & conversation in our little nook of a space! I also updated it to match the rest of my patio decor (see first picture) to have a cohesive flow. Had I paid full price for this set, I might have been a little more nervous to paint it, but since I got it for a bargain I wasn't as nervous to take the risk! That's the best part about scoring deals, if the refurbish doesn't go as planned, it's not like you're out an arm and leg!

All in all, even the smallest spaces can be made into something beautiful for you to enjoy! If you are willing to be patient enough to search & buy out of season! Hope this helps you to create a pretty outdoor space too!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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