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Vintage Market Experience

My latest obsession has been attending "Vintage Markets". I have completely fallen in love with rustic, farmhouse decor! It's a look that is easy & cheap to do! Plus, it's super fun to hunt down pieces that most would never think could be decor or refurbished into decor! The markets have made it super easy to find cheap, unique, locally made goods! They even have clothes for babies, baked goods, food trucks and dog goodies! Keep reading & I'll show you the things I've found at the markets & what you can too!

In years past I have gone to flea markets, antique shops, garage sales and the normal home decor stores. However, I wanted to get an experience along with my unique purchases. The first vintage market I ever attended was the Nashville Flea Market. While it was called a "Flea Market" to me it felt more like a vintage one, mostly because it had similar like items that a vintage market would have. I have to say it probably was the coolest thing I did while I was in Nashville. It was so fun to see so much cool stuff in one giant area! Some of it was rustic and old, but other items were new and handmade. I found awesome clothes even at the market! I've since been dying to go back since, but am waiting till we finally purchase a house. Which is why I was super thrilled to find out that various towns would be hosting vintage markets all summer!

The first Vintage Market I attended in Michigan was in Chelsea, MI at the Chelsea Fairgrounds. Admission was $5 per person, but was completely worth every penny! My husband & I, found so many cool things & ideas to do for our future home! There's awesome places to eat and just a fun thing to do to get out of the house! Some things I admit can be pricey at the markets, but if it's a super unique piece I justify it! You see when you save in other areas you then have the extra money left over that you can apply towards big things. Paying full price once in awhile isn't a bad thing if it's something you've REALLY been wanting and know you can't find anywhere else.

While we saw a ton of my cool stuff, my favorite find at the vintage market was from Motor City Creations (Insta: motorcitycreations)! They had so many awesome farmhouse signs that I loved! I've seen a ton of these signs online and in stores, but never with the sayings they had. The one I purchased had the lyrics to Thomas Rhett's song 'Die A Happy Man'. My husband & I, LOVE that song! This one was unique not only because we love the song, but had never came across a home decor item that had these lyrics on them! Even he knew when we saw this at the market it was coming home with us! The best part? I purchased knowing that it was supporting a locally owned company in Detroit, Michigan. [ #ShopLocal ]

The sign I purchased for my own home!

The second vintage market I have attended was at the Monroe County Fairgrounds! I was worried that it might just all be the same vendors, but I was pleasantly surprised to find there were some still the same, but A LOT that I had not seen before! I mean a Halloween market booth?! It was amazing! So fun, festive & different! So if you ever think that one vintage market is the same as the next one- I can personally tell you it's not!

Although.... I really don't mind running into the same vendors/booths a second time because it gives me the opportunity to score the item I regrettably had walked away from or didn't have the fund$ for! When I attended my first market- I wanted EVERY. SINGLE. SIGN. by Motor City Creations , but my husband was with me & I had to be good! (just kidding!...not really tho lol) When I attended the market in Monroe, I immediately saw their booth and ran to it! (okay. hastily walked haha!)I scored a 'Coffee Bar sign' I had been dying for! My obsession for Rae Dunn runs deep & the coffee bar sign I scored had the exact font to match my mugs! While I don't have a place for a coffee bar in my tiny apartment, I had to purchase the sign for our future home. This is another reason I encourage you to attend more than one market! It gives you a second chance to get items you may have passed up!......And to answer your question...yes, I do have a sign obsession ;)

(Also by Motor City Creations)


Not only are the markets fun, but you leave with so many ideas and inspiration even if you don't buy a single thing! It's fun to be out of the house and surrounded by people looking for inspiration too! Also, mentally prepare that the markets can be pricey, so don't expect to attend a market and buy a TON of things! Again, this a place to get unique items that cannot be found anywhere else! So splurge on a few things and plan to purchase on your next market trip! No two markets are the same so go to many!

Hope my experience influences you to give these awesome vintage markets a try! Have questions? Reach out! I'm chatty and love to talk home decor! So don't hesitate! :)


Northern Belle

P.S -Head over to this link and find the next vintage market closes to you

Also never underestimate the power of Google to bring you to a different vintage market! Happy Hunting! :)



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