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DIY Affordable Fall Wreath

Whew.... sorry for the large gap between blog posts ... Now that life is slowing down a bit, I'm going to try & get better at posting more often! ANYWAYS .....

.....After buying a new home & dumping every penny into updating it - certain extra things such as a new fall front door wreath - kinda took a backseat on being high priority expense wise. Instead, I improvised with a few materials I already had & only purchased ones that were affordable to make do with what I had.

Here is my DIY affordable fall wreath:

What I Used:

I've had this wreath for awhile, but you can buy the same one at Hobby Lobby for only $4.99 - this wreath is a great home capsule piece to use to affordably change out every season! All you have to do is buy the seasonal stems to go into the wreath! I personally, keep a box of all the stuff I use & change it up as I go! Don't be afraid to get creative with it either!! Different is good!

P.S - I think my wreath is an 18 inch one? I bought it so long ago I'm not even sure haha!

As Reese Witherspoon says, y'all - monogram it ALL! There's no secret what the first initial is in our last name at our home! W's are every where & anywhere I can find room to include them! So of course a wreath on my front door wouldn't be complete without a monogram!

I purchased this one at Hobby Lobby because I loved how large it was & that it was in a more script style font. However, the natural wood color that it originally was didn't exactly show up against the brown wreath, so I painted it white! With it being white, it's more noticeable from the roadside & will go with any holiday/seasonal decor that I add to my wreath!

My original plan was to only do white & green pumpkins, but I caved & included the the traditional orange pumpkins as well! I'm happy I did because these were a beautiful touch of color to my wreath!

//White Pumpkins

Unfortunately, my white pumpkins used in my wreath are not listed on Hobby Lobby's website, however, they were under $2 roughly!

//Lambs Ear

Also not linked online, but available in store - Walmart has .99 cent lambs ear that is perfect for decorating! I used about 3-4 sprigs of it in my wreath to get that huge, full look with the pumpkins! Located in the floral section of your local Walmart!


And that's it! Granted, it's not exactly a wreath from Pottery Barn, but it brought me so much joy to create this beautiful piece for my budget friendly home! Of course I'm always looking for new wreath inspo ideas - so if you come across some or have done a few yourself - send the ideas my way!!! Thanks for reading!!


Mrs. Northern Belle



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